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U.S. Certification Training Courses

Upcoming VertiMax in person certification courses are below. Click on the link to book your spot via EventBrite.

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June 2, 2024 Chicago, IL

June 23, 2024 Bedford, NH

June 23, 2024 Scottsdale, AZ

July 20, 2024 Centerville, OH

July 27, 2024 Richmond, VA

Details About VertiMax In Person Certification Training

The in person training certification provides a full day of education, hands on experiences and learning from some of the best professionals in the Sports Performance and Fitness space. If you want to be recognized as a VertiMax Certified Trainer you need to attend and complete the certification. The day consists of lecture presentations, practical applications and workout demonstrations to support the technology and benefits of the VertiMax training solutions and training regimens. An added benefit is networking with fellow trainers, coaches, parents and athletes that have the same enthusiasm to make a difference in their sport, fitness level, or in the lives of those they are seeking to train and help reach their athletic potential.

NASM CEC's .70 | AFAA CEU's .70 | ACE CEC's .70


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Digital Workshop

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VertiMax Digital Workshops

The goal of the digital workshop is to ensure attendees are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to safely and effectively integrate VertiMax Platforms and/or Raptors into an solid training regimen for sports performance and general fitness athletes. The VertiMax digital workshop is an opportunity to receive a letter of completion and earn CECs.

NASM CEC's .6 | AFAA CEU's 6 | ACE CEC's .6

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VertiMax conducts many exciting educational opportunities throughout the year. Click the links below to check out the 2023 schedule.  


Mastering VertiMax Training & The The Behind The Scenes Of Social Media Magic


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Find A Certified VertiMax Trainer

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Learn About Certified VertiMax Trainers

Earners of the VertiMax Certified Trainer badge and found on the directory have a fundamental understanding of the VertiMax training equipment and the ability to conduct training sessions for athletes and fitness clients. They know and demonstrate the correct applications and principles to use the equipment in their training programs for youth and adults. They have attended a full day in-person certification course. Earners apply the VertiMax equipment for warm-up activation, speed, agility, power, general fitness training and team training.

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If you are interested in hosting a certification course at your facility location and only for your team of trainers and coaches, we have an option for you!

Please contact our International Training Coordinator, Jessie, at and you can discuss the details and packaging offers. 

VertiMax offers education on using its equipment through in person certification training courses conducted by our master trainers and through online digital workshops. Both VertiMax educational opportunities provide pre-approved credits through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American Council of Exercise (ACE), and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

If you want to become a Certified VertiMax Trainer you must attend and complete an in person VertiMax Certification Course. Both certification courses and the digital workshops provide product knowledge, coaching knowledge and the skills to effectively and safely utilize the VertiMax product line while training athletes and clients . More details and registration information are provided below.

From sport coaches, to performance trainers, and from parents to athletes, all are invited to register for VertiMax education. VertiMax certifications and digital workshops are a great opportunity for everyone to enhance their knowledge and training skills.

For more information about trainings, please contact our International Education Coordinator at

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