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U.S. Certification Training Courses

Upcoming VertiMax in person certification courses are below. Click on the link to book your spot via EventBrite.

In Person Course Map

July 27, 2024 Richmond, VA

August 18, 2024 Scottsdale, AZ

September 8, 2024 Chicago, IL

September 8, 2024 McKinney, TX

September 21, 2024 Orlando, FL

September 22, 2204 Lexington, KY

October 27, 2024 San Diego, CA

November 3, 2024 Centerville, OH


Details About VertiMax In-Person Certification Training

The in person training certification provides a full day of education, hands-on experiences and learning from some of the best professionals in the Sports Performance and Fitness space. If you want to be recognized as a VertiMax Certified Trainer you need to attend and complete the certification. The day consists of lecture presentations, practical applications and workout demonstrations to support the technology and benefits of the VertiMax training solutions and training regimens. An added benefit is networking with fellow trainers, coaches, parents and athletes that have the same enthusiasm to make a difference in their sport, fitness level, or in the lives of those they are seeking to train and help reach their athletic potential.

NASM CEC's .70 | AFAA CEU's .70 | ACE CEC's .70

All Welcome to Attend

    • All parents, coaches, trainers and athletes can register and attend. No pre-reqs in order to attend and become certified.

5 Key Benefits Of VertiMax Live Certification

  1. Enhanced Training Skills: Certification equips you with advanced techniques and methodologies to maximize the effectiveness of VertiMax equipment, leading to improved athletic performance for your clients.

  2. Professional Credibility: Being VertiMax certified enhances your credibility and reputation as a knowledgeable and skilled fitness professional, potentially attracting more clients and opportunities. In addition, you are added to a Certified Trainer directory

  3. Comprehensive Understanding: You gain an in-depth understanding of the science and mechanics behind VertiMax training, allowing you to customize and optimize workouts for a variety of athletic and fitness goals.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Certification connects you with a community of like-minded professionals and experts in the field, providing valuable networking and learning opportunities.

  5. Continued Education: Certified professionals often have access to ongoing education, resources, and support from VertiMax, keeping you up-to-date with the latest advancements and training methods. Pre-approved continuing education credits through National Academy Of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise and Athletics and Fitness Association of America.

  6. Marketing & Exclusive Resources: Receive exclusive event invites and marketing resources.

Reasons To Do Live and In-Person Certification Course Vs A Digital Online Course

Opting for live and in-person training for VertiMax certification offers several distinct advantages over a digital online course. You must attend a Live and In-Person Certification Course to become VertiMax Certified.

  • In-person training provides hands-on experience with the equipment, allowing for immediate practice and application of techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors. This direct interaction facilitates a deeper understanding and faster mastery of VertiMax methodologies.
  • Additionally, the face-to-face environment fosters real-time feedback and personalized instruction, ensuring that any questions or challenges are promptly addressed.
  • The immersive experience also enhances networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect with peers and industry professionals, which can be invaluable for professional growth and collaboration.

Overall, the dynamic and interactive nature of in-person training often leads to a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience, ultimately making it a more effective and enriching option for those seeking VertiMax certification.




Interested In Hosting A Closed Training Certification At Your Own Facility? 

If you are interested in hosting a certification course at your facility location and only for your team of trainers and coaches, please contact our International Training Coordinator, Jessie, at to discuss the details and packaging offers. 




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