VertiMax Tennis Training

If you’re looking for the best tennis training tool to improve your tennis with exceptional linear and lateral, increase speed, first-step quickness, and hitting power. then VertiMax tennis training has you covered. VertiMax technology increases fast twitch muscle power while reducing response times to enable any player at any level to stay a step ahead of their competition. There is no better way to maximize a player’s potential to dominate the court. 

The Benefits of Tennis Training With VertiMax

VertiMax is the hottest new tennis training tool that is available for athletes of every level to use.  Some of the world’s best tennis players have already discovered how adding VertiMax to their tennis training can drastically improve their performance on the court. This includes tennis professionals like Maria Sherapova and Satoshi Ochi, head strength and conditioning for the USTA, who uses VertiMax to improve skills and strengthen muscles to prevent injury. 

VertiMax effectiveness for tennis training comes from its unique design which provides smooth resistance in any direction for any exercise. Tennis professionals, enthusiasts and athletes can practice actual tennis movements on the VertiMax. For example, you can practice sprints across the baseline for a backhand return, sprint forward for a short return, and lateral moves while hitting the ball.  


The Most Important Areas To Improve With A Tennis Training Program 

    • Lateral quickness and agility
    • Straight-ahead speed
    • Arm swing and racket velocity 
    • Hitting power 

Effective tennis training requires a versatile training tool to ensure the tennis athlete to be a successful and versatile athlete. If an athlete is lacking in one of these important areas, the lack will surely make itself known on game day. The best tennis player is a well-rounded player who is on top of their game in every fitness component.

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Tennis Training Components For Optimal Tennis Performance

To be competitive, your tennis training must improve these fitness variables.

  • Agility And Speed

Tennis games are extremely fast-paced during gameplay. This is because tennis balls are often hit at speeds of 80+ mph. Take into account that a full-court is only 78ft long and you see that a player does not have a lot of time to make a move. This requires the athlete to make split-second decisions and then have the ability to transfer it into action.  

The top tennis players are always on their toes and ready to move in any direction. If you are unable to make lightning-fast movements, you simply won’t be able to get to the ball. 

  • Power

Power is produced by improving the neuromuscular system and can be defined by the ability to create large amounts of force quickly. It’s what tennis players use when they hit a tennis ball to make any other explosive movement.  The power and velocity capability of an athlete is directly related to how fast they can hit a ball and how high they can jump.

  • Strength 

In tennis, strength is required to create a robust body. Due to the repetitive use of maximal power output and high forces that are placed on a tennis athlete during training or games, they are susceptible to injury in three primary locations:

    • Shoulder
    • Elbow
    • Knee

By using the appropriate strength training exercises for tennis, the muscles around these joints can be strengthened and help lessen the likelihood of injuries. This means more time on the court to improve your skills and performance as a tennis athlete.

  • Anaerobic And Aerobic Fitness

A tennis player will mainly function through the anaerobic system as gameplay requires players to work in intermittent bursts of power and speed.  Still, tennis players must be able to go the distance in a tennis match as fatigue buildup during a game can greatly diminish their performance. This means that tennis training must include components to improve both anaerobic AND aerobic performance.  This means being able to increase VO2max and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. 

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VertiMax Is The Most Versatile and Effective Tennis Training Tool

VertiMax is so unique as it is able to create a smooth resistance in every direction. Athletes are able to perform a huge variety of tennis exercises in any plane of motion. Horizontal, vertically, laterally; if you can think of it, you can do it.  

Before VertiMax tennis drills, if an athlete wanted to train agility ladders or sprinting with resistance, a coach or friend would have to follow them with a resistance band.  This works to an extent but is impractical with multiple problems arising. Now, athletes are able to travel an impressive 35 yards with a CONSTANT tension using the VertiMax training system. This brings agility and speed training for athletic performance to a whole new level with unlimited room to train.

Since VertiMax’s design allows for multiple straps to be attached to the body, athletes are able to train different portions of a movement at the same time. For example, athletes can attach the waistband and ankle straps to improve force production and leg drive simultaneously during sprint training. You can then attach straps to the wrists and add in arm drive for vertical jumping.

More importantly, athletes can replicate actual tennis movements under resistance with free range of motion. There is no other system on the market that’s available to the general public that can duplicate this. Strength and conditioning training for tennis generally aims to train specific muscles and trust it would transfer to performance. Sport specific movements are hard to replicate with the equipment available in a gym.. With VertiMax, you can now train muscles with the exact same biomechanics in which they are used in actual performance.

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Bring Your Tennis Game To The Next Level With VertiMax

This is just a taste of how VertiMax can enhance your tennis training. There’s a reason the USTA has chosen VertiMax as their primary training tool for their athletes and pro players like Maria Sharapova rave about the difference VertiMax has made in their training. VertiMax works.

  • Build your explosive power
  • Increase your agility
  • Create faster linear and lateral speed
  • Strengthen your hitting power

Everything you need to be a better tennis player at every level. If you’re ready to try the most effective tennis training tool on the market, you’re ready for VertiMax!

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