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VertiMax is the most effective and versatile hockey training equipment to develop explosive leg power and speed - that radically improves acceleration and deceleration capabilities on the ice. Hockey requires an excellent combination of strength, speed, power and endurance to be a dominant force on the ice.

Conducting ice hockey drills on VertiMax in your dry land strength training program will dramatically increase explosive leg power and speed endurance to radically elevate game performance from start to finish. Two simple hockey drills 2-3 times a week is all it takes to elevate any hockey player’s performance to the next level.

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Benefits of Hockey Training With VertiMax

Behind the aggressive nature of the sport, hockey truly is a wonderful sport to watch. It is an unusual sport in that it requires two wholly different skills to be able to play successfully.   Just to be able to play to step on the ice requires a player to master ice skating.  Once this fundamental skill set is learned, players then must become masters of using the hockey stick.  Players need to learn puck handling, passing, shooting, and defense all in a single game.   

This wide variety of skills needed is the reason why VertiMax is the perfect training tool for hockey players.  It was created specifically to increase sports performance and can be used in ways that were impossible before it’s production.  Many of the top athletic training centers along with NHL players have already discovered just how effective VertiMax is and use it to improve their performance on a regular basis. 

Explosive power, strength, speed, and agility.  This is how VertiMax benefits you.

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What Are The Performance Needs Of Ice Hockey Players

The sport of hockey is dominated by play that is fueled by the anaerobic system. The use of “shifts” is used extensively in hockey to swap out fresh players as the needs on the ice are so demanding. A regular shift can last anywhere from 45 to 90 seconds, and players will complete 15 shifts a game on average. Once on the ice, players will regularly work at heart rates of 90% max, meaning that the sport of ice hockey is highly intermittent, where players work maximally on the ice and use their shifts to rest.

The majority of this energy is spent by the legs as they must propel the players down the ice at high speeds while balancing on skates. Ice hockey players must have extremely powerful legs that can generate explosive forces pushing off the ice. Ice hockey players need to accelerate, maneuver, AND break which all require strength, power, and agility. 

Players also need to focus on producing power for the purpose of producing some insane slap shots.  This is important as upper body strength and power have been found to be directly associated with shot speed of hockey players.

Hockey Skills Needed To Dominate The Ice

On top of the performance variables above, hockey players must then translate their advanced physiological adaptations into actual sport skills. Hockey players skills fall into two categories

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1. Skating Skills 

Skating in hockey is a lot different than speed skating or figure skating. This is mainly due to the opposing team chasing you, controlling the puck, OR checking a player into the boards! Players will need to train to use their power and higher neuromuscular efficiency to be able to maneuver and change direction at top speeds. This can include traversing the rink, skating backward, or turn on a dime. 

2. Stick Skills

Not only will the players need to skate, they will need to control the puck while doing so.  This includes skating, passing, shooting, and defense.  A hockey player must be quick and agile to control the puck

Why Use VertiMax To Build Explosive Power For Ice Hockey

With the use of VertiMax’s resistance cords, creating explosive power is easy. In fact, this was the primary purpose of it’s design. VertiMax can be attached to the waist, legs, arms, and even implements like an ice hockey stick for increased production forces with the integration of multiple straps. Unlike previous attempts of creating resistance for athletic movements, VertiMax allows an athlete to move freely with constant tension and the option of having up to 45yds of resistance. It’s efficiency comes from effectively placing an appropriate load on the muscles to allow movements yet demanding greater force output.  

How To Master Your Stick Skills With VertiMax On And Off The Ice 

Being able to control the puck with your stick requires a lot of training.. This can be supplemented by using VertiMax for training drills both on the ice and off. Using VertiMax, an extra stimulus can be placed on the player to increase the need for neural control to maintain balance and control of the puck. Further, VertiMax can also be attached to the arms to simulate an environment where players may be fighting to maintain control.  Similar to the agility drills, VertiMax can be used in conjunction with any traditional drill.

Even if hockey players can’t get on the ice, they can improve their stick-handling skills on land. Simply set up various obstacles and have the athlete maneuver around them while controlling the ball. Move forward, laterally, and backward to train for any possible situation so that the athlete has complete dominance of the puck once on the ice.  

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Why VertiMax for Goalies 

As mentioned above, pucks are fired quickly at the net, and it’s the job of the goalie to stop it from going in. An efficient goalie must be lightning-quick and ready to move in any direction. Check out the VertiMax Hockey Drills for Goalies. 

VertiMax Is The Best Piece Of Hockey Workout Equipment To Improve Performance 

There is no other piece of hockey workout equipment on the market that can do what VertiMax does. VertiMax was explicitly designed to increase athletes’ power production and neural control for more force, strength, speed, and agility, just what hockey players need. Above just shows a mere sample of the numerous ways hockey teams and players can utilize this athletic training tool to improve their current strength and conditioning programs….but there is a lot more.  If you want to dominate the ice, you need the best!  You need VertiMax.

VertiMax Hockey Training Videos

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