VertiMax Soccer Training

VertiMax soccer training enhances change of direction speed and agility, explosive power movements, and vertical jump performance.  Great first step quickness, vertical leap performance and explosive kicking power is the ultimate hat trick. VertiMax training technology enhances your fast twitch muscle performance through an advanced resistance training design that allows you to train how you play. You can develop the quickness, strength and speed that will help you dominate the pitch from kickoff to the final whistle.

VertiMax equipment is used by the top athletes around the world to develop explosive speed, power and vertical jump but can be used by athletes of all ages and levels. Ashlyn Harris is an American soccer player and FIFA Women's World Cup champion who is currently a goalkeeper for the United States women's national soccer team and Orlando Pride in the National Women's Soccer League. Listen to what she has to say about training with VertiMax equipment for soccer.

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The Benefits of VertiMax Soccer Training

Played by over 250 million athletes, soccer is the most popular sport in the world.  This means there is A LOT of competition.  This means that you need the best piece of soccer training equipment to stay on top.   This means you need to train with VertiMax.  Vertimax has proven itself as the most effective and versatile training tool to improve the performance of soccer players by increasing power production, developing faster speeds, creating quicker agility, building strength, and delivering world-class conditioning.

VertiMax is already being used by elite soccer teams, universities, and players all over the world to improve soccer performance.  A non-exhaustive list of a these elite figures are:

  • Ashlyn Harris- American Team and FIFA World Champion
  • Yael Averbuch- Pro Player and Executive Director of National Women's Soccer League Players Association
  • University of North Carolina
  • Leeds United
  • Chelsea F.C
  • Milan
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How VertiMax Improves Soccer Skills

Increasing your athletic abilities with VertiMax is awesome and will definitely increase your level of play.  However, to be the best player on the soccer field, being powerful and fast isn't enough; you need to be able to translate these abilities into actual skill.  Yet again, VertiMax has proven itself as the best piece of training equipment to improve soccer skills.  Due to the nature of soccer played in an open field, VertiMax can be used in conjunction with almost any skill drill to enhance its effectiveness.  

"Practice Makes Perfect" With VertiMax!

As the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect." This is because one of the most efficient ways to improve a particular skill and movement is through repetition.  Performing a muscle action numerous times will teach the body how to move and trains the neuromuscular system to fire correctly and perform a movement pattern with greater efficiency.  Because VertiMax allows the free range of movement of limbs, soccer players are able to provide loaded resistance to the same exact movements using the same biomechanics!  This extra stimulus means you will even further improve the neuromuscular system thus allowing VertiMax to provide more improvement in the same amount of time!

With the multiple resistance bands, VertiMax can be used to create a variety of stimuli to suit every need.  Whether it's to add instability to address core control or providing resistance to a kicking leg for more power production, the uses of Vertimax for soccer training are virtually endless.

Here are a few videos to give you some ideas for agility training for soccer.  Here and here!

soccer drills on soccer conditioning equipment

Why Soccer Players Need High Intensity Workouts

Soccer is generally defined as an "intermittent" sport as game-play consists of light activity interspersed with periods of maximum output.  These high-intensity events include a range of activities and can include:

  • Breakaways
  • Cutting across the field to receive a pass
  • Jumping to get a header
  • Chasing a loose ball
  • Kicking 

90% of a soccer athlete's energy throughout an entire match will be supplied by the aerobic system which is spent to support the player as they move around the field.  The anaerobic system supplies energy for the remaining 10% which consists of the actual “play” and winning moments of the game.  This means that soccer players need to have an adequate aerobic system to support the player for the match's duration while an advanced anaerobic system is required to win.

Why VertiMax for Beginner Soccer Players

For beginner soccer players here are 5 basic soccer drills outside of practice that can be implemented anywhere with just a few tools. 

Why VertiMax Soccer Training For Youth

VertiMax is an extremely easy and efficient system which can benefit soccer athletes of all ages.  Plus, it's also much safer for youth compared to traditional resistance training methods as the consistent resistance from the cords allows for natural movement.  Further, Vertimax offers a range of resistance bands to deliver the ideal amount of load for the trainee.  

Training youth with the proper biomechanics at an early age is ideal for teaching them the correct biomechanics of exercises and skills.  Their neuromuscular system has a clean slate and can be trained the right way to move the first time.  Add in the resistance of Vertimax, and you will have an all-star player with spectacular soccer performances.  Other than changing resistance levels, youth soccer players can perform the same exercises and drills as their older counterparts!

For youths starting out with soccer, check out 7 Soccer Drills for Kids to help familiarize kids with movement on the field, shooting, ball handling, passing, and conditioning.

Why VertiMax for Soccer Coaches 

Check out this Coaches Guide to Soccer Training Equipment for a successful soccer program to build explosive power and muscle growth in other ways than running and shooting.

Why VertiMax Soccer For Goalies

Specific soccer position training is easy with VertiMax, especially goalies.  Goalies have a very demanding job and perhaps rely on their ability to produce power more than any other player on the field. Whereas all the positions require high levels of power production to perform better, explosive power and quickness IS the skill of goalies.  Goalies need to make split-second decisions that could involve jumping, diving, sprinting, punching, our kicking…everything that is improved with VertiMax.   

A successful goalie must have efficient power production, speed, and reaction time in every limb and must be able to move in every direction.  With VertiMax, soccer goalies can increase the efficiency of their movement forward, backward, laterally, at an angle…literally anywhere to enable them to be prepared to be an impenetrable wall on game day. 

VertiMax can be used to:

  • Increase vertical jumping
  • Increase lateral jumping
  • Increase the speed of hand and feet movement
  • Increase agility to make split-second movements
  • Produce quick bursts of speed

Check out this video to see just a few goalie exercises that can be trained with VertiMax.  (Notice you can have multiple players training at the same time!)

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Why VertiMax Soccer Training At Home Is Easy 

One drawback of soccer training is that it can be challenging to train at home by yourself.  Well, that's not true anymore with Vertimax.  Vertimax requires just a limited amount of space and can be set up entirely by yourself.  After that, a single player can get in almost identical training at home as they could anywhere else.  This additional training can make a massive difference in the progression of your overall development as a player. 

This makes it a great piece of equipment to have during the off-season or downtime where you have the extra time to get in more training for soccer.  Using Vertimax at home is a great way to know you will stay ahead of your workout.  You can either train by yourself or call over a couple teammates and train together like these guys at home!

Dominate The Game With VertiMax

Now that you know how much VertiMax can improve your soccer skills, you don't have an excuse.  If you want to be the fastest, quickest, and most powerful player on the field, you need to start training with Vertimax.  There is literally nothing else like it that exists on the market that is as effective and versatile in its training effects.  

Try More Soccer Exercises, Workouts, and Drills

VertiMax Soccer Training Testimonials 

  • Listen to the podcast with Jordan O'Brien who is a professional soccer player.  This is the inspirational journey of a female soccer player to success.
  • Read this  VertiMax Soccer Training Testimonial by UNC Head Women's Coach about how VertiMax training drills developed game changing abilities in speed, acceleration, and vertical jump. 

VertiMax Soccer Training Videos

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