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VertiMax V8 And V8 EX: Athletic Development Tools For Your Toolbox

“It’s pretty amazing how much space you can create after you do a couple sets with resistance. To train your body to fight through that then you can build that strength.” - Steph Curry

If you have visited a pro or collegiate weight room, high school athletic program or sports performance facility (or maybe even your neighbor up the street) over the past 20 years, there is a good chance you have come across a platform being used by athletes with the letters "VertiMax" displayed across it. As the name suggests, a lot of the attention we've received over the years is for the V8's ability to improve jumping performance, especially an athlete’s vertical jump.

It's important to understand that our technology has evolved over the years from a jump-specific piece of equipment to a multi-purpose and multi-athlete training system. Our VertiMax technology is a patented resistance band technology that eliminates the drawbacks associated with conventional elastic training bands by compacting them into a mechanical pulley system that does not allow radical increases in resistance as the band is stretched. More infomation is available at Why Vertimax.  



Differences Between the V8 & V8 EX

Below, we will highlight the training capabilities of both the VertiMax V8 & VertiMax V8 EX platforms. Here is a short description of the difference between the two:

  • The V8 is our leading vertical jump and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform training out to approximately 30 feet.
  • The VertiMax V8 EX “Extended Range” is our training system designed to help athletes maximize speed and sport-specific performance. The V8 EX innovation extends off-platform training distances out to 60 feet.

Who can Benefit from VertiMax Platforms?

It is a fallacy that VertiMax platforms are only used with high school, collegiate and professional strength and conditioning organizations. Even though our equipment is currently being utilized by half of the major professional teams and over 70% of D1 universities, the truth is that most of our customers are parents purchasing VertiMax units for their children, more than any other customer group.  




Group Training With Multiple Athletes

The V8 & V8 EX platforms are both designed to train up to 5 athletes simultaneously. 1 on the platform and 4 off-platform. Each of the four off-platform cords gives you the ability to apply a load to an athlete for off-platform athletic development training. In addition to the multi-athlete off-platform training capability, the V8 & V8 EX platforms are both designed for an athlete to train standing on the platform.




Coaches and sports performance facilities find this extremely valuable as it allows them to maximize the equipment in a group setting.

Check out this video on how one of our basketball coaches is incorporating the platform into practice -- Basketball Group Training

Vertical Explosiveness

Both our V8 & V8 EX platforms are effective vertical jump training systems because of their ability to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains.




The VertiMax V8 & EX's ability to maximize vertical leap performance which is a measure of explosive leg power, will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed.

Use On Any Surface

VertiMax platforms are built with specific hardware that helps soften landings. This then keeps the unit secured to smooth surfaces such as: wood, terrazzo, cement or rubberized weight room floors. The units are also equipped with two castor wheels that allow you to easily move the platform to different locations.


Adjustable Resistance Levels

Our V8 & V8 EX platforms are equipped with multiple cords. This allows users to apply the appropriate amount of resistance that each individual athlete dictates.




Smooth & Consistent Resistance

VertiMax technology eliminates drastic increases in resistance felt any time you stretch a conventional elastic band. This is extremely important because it allows athletes to train specific movements while at the same time applying a load that doesn't negatively effect their mechanics.

Optimal development of athletic speed and power is achieved by maximizing the rate at which muscular force can be generated. In layman's terms, athletes get faster and more powerful, by doing movements fast and explosively.


Multiple Load Points

Since there are 8 total cords on both the V8 & V8 EX platforms, athletes have the ability to create load points on different points of the body. This is extremely beneficial when working to create sport and position specific training.

  • Quarterbacks that wants to work on their drop back drills can load their hips and ankles
  • Track and field athletes can loan their drive and recovery phase
  • Pitchers can work on rotational mechanics




Training Programs and Education

We understand and appreciate the fact there needs to be educational platforms that support our training systems. We don't want to give you a Lamborghini without any driving lessons.

Each unit includes an instructional manual that includes training drills. If you want to take your training further you can download the VertiMax App to your desktop or mobile device or you can take a VertiMax Certification course.





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