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Alabama Athletes Use VertiMax for Off-Season Training

Source:  WAFF Channel 48, Huntsville, AL

Daryl Feagins is a Huntsville area trainer improving sports performance by using VertiMax for his athletes' off-season training to improve their strength, explosiveness and agility.  


VertiMax training in huntsville alabama


“So it works on the foundation of the athlete, the physical foundation of the athlete,” VertiMax trainer Daryl Feagins said. “It helps with the balance, the core, helps with agility, speed, overall quickness, and the biggest thing is explosiveness. So for those basketball players that want to dunk more consistently, it adds that for them. It probably adds four inches to their vert (vertical), probably in about two and a half weeks.”

Currently, VertiMax technology is deployed in over 56% of NFL teams, 50% of NBA teams, 70% of Division 1 colleges, and thousands of high schools. VertiMax will do more to increase an athlete’s vertical jump, first-step-quickness and overall athleticism, than any other system available. VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that makes a difference athletes can feel and their coaches and trainers can see.

Feagins hopes more high school programs can invest in the machine to help their sports teams. “For a lot of football players that see a lot of quickness coming off the line, for those baseball and softball players they will see a lot more quickness getting to the ball, to the outfield and infield,  Feagins added. "So they see a benefit from it and they keep challenging each other to go farther and farther into the routine.”

VertiMax Training Equipment provides advanced resistance technology that allows athletes of all ages to train in the horizontal plane with loads on specific areas of the body that result in extraordinary athletic performance improvements. The top world class olympians, professionals, and college, high school, and youth sports athletes rely on VertiMax technology to enhance their performance on the field of play. Fitness and sports training enthusiasts around the world use our training solutions at home, and in gyms and fitness centers as well.

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