VertiMax Raptor Is The Best Speed and Agility Training Device

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Why VertiMax Raptor is Great Speed and Agility Training Equipment

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Raptor is a great speed and agility training equipment for maximizing top end speed. The Raptor is a very lightweight portable resistance training device that will allow athletes to train on the go. Unlike any other training systems on the market, the raptor only weighs fifteen pounds, so it's very easy to use inside as well as take it to a field or a track. Because it can be easily attached to a fence the Raptor provides a mobile speed and agility training program for teams and individuals.


Portability with the Raptors is huge!  One of the problems with athletes training indoors is that they don’t perform indoors.  They need to perform on the field, in cleats, in grass, on turf.  With the Raptor we can bring it out either on the stand, or hook it to the fence. We can go through all the motions and all the movements that they're going to do on the field, as well as enter it into a drill that they do on the field. The Raptor utilizes the patented vertimax, elastic training technology to provide the most effective way to develop athletic speed strength. Our patented technology has changed the way traditional resistance bands work so you can stretch resistance bands over longer distances without the resistance radically increasing as it does with traditional bands.


What has been the biggest difference for me is just how it challenges your body in a completely different way. What I found after doing a workout today, especially as it was quite intense, I felt very fatigued afterwards.  But my joints - I didn't feel anything in my joints. So that was that was a big difference for me. Another big difference was the constant resistance. I've never felt that before. I use different types of resistance training and I've used resistance bands, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells and all that stuff, but nothing has given that (obviously doesn't give that) constant resistance even regular bands. It's just a great feeling.


This technology gives you the ability to now load complex sports movements without disrupting technique. This leads to higher resisted training speeds, which in turn produce strength and power gains at those higher velocities. Those gains more effectively translate into the gains that you're looking for on the field.


If we want to get our average more efficient and moving faster, more quality, and increase that force development and the rate of it, I want to get my kids on the Raptor  and also on the V8 for the vertical development training to get the results that I want out of it. I get these kids on the Raptors, they're moving quickly and efficiently - yet that quality of movement doesn't get sacrificed.  When the kids are doing this in speed training, that tension and resistance is constant.


Speed development is essential for almost all sports.  Just about all ground-based sports, including sports like basketball, the majority of athlete movements in competition involves accelerating and decelerating on the horizontal plane. And since the vast majority of our competitive movement is on the horizontal plane, does it not make sense to train on that horizontal plane with resistance at sports specific movements and speeds? This type of training can be more relevant and effective towards improving athletic performance than simply pushing weights up and down on the vertical planes.  Now obviously pure strength is needed, but this type of high-speed training helps transfer those strength gains to the field of play.


As a coach. I can now step back watch the resistance, do the work and coach the athlete, as opposed to trying to resist, coach the athlete and see if they're doing things right or wrong. I would recommend to the Raptors to any coach working with athletes and really any age. It can be used with younger athletes because the load can be less and Raptor comes out with different resistant loads that they can apply.


The Raptor EX has one extra long band which can be used to train distances over 40 yards.  By being able to reach top speed for longer distances, this will have a direct impact to your top end speed gains. And I'm not just talking about linear speed, but also lateral speed, change of direction and sport specific moves. The Raptor EX can be used individually to place one point of resistance on an athlete, or it can be combined with multiple Raptor EX units to become a dynamic training system, providing up to three points of minimally varying resistance over long distances to truly maximize speed gains.


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