Vinny Scollo - How to Create Commercial Sports Performance Facilities

Vinny Scollo is the Gold's Gym Sports Performance Director and Regional Fitness Manager in Middletown NY. Vinny’s likeable personality and special ability to share his passion for fitness with others makes him an amazing trainer who is highly sought after by everyone from parents of youth athletes to professional athletes to people looking to improve their performance. Recently, he teamed up with Don Murphy and his family to build a sports performance facility inside the already successful Gold's Gym franchise.


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On this episode hosted by Ned Arick, Vinny shares more about his experiences in transitioning from running highly successful sports performance facilities to building one from scratch in the commercial fitness space. He dives into the similarities and differences he has seen, how trainer education varies, the impact of social media on influencing coaches and trainers, and the role his mentors played in shaping his career. Tune in to find out more.

Powerful Quote:

"That's where I see the biggest problem in any profession, is when you no longer have that desire to learn any more and get better."

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Vinny Scollo shares his experience building up the Middletown Gold Gym location, he and Don Murphy's goals regarding the sports performance department inside Golds Gym and the differences he has observed among trainers in the commercial space. [18:38] Ned and Vinny dive into the importance of intent and purpose in driving what you do. [31:25] Most of what trainers and coaches post on social media isn't what the reality is like. Ned and Vinny discuss the impact this has on young coaches who are looking to find mentors but aren't sure who to reach out to.


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