14 Unique VertiMax Workouts to Increase Speed

VertiMax workouts have become a staple in athletic performance centers across the country and have proven time and time again to increase speed performance by developing lower-body power and plyometric jumping.

The flat V8 platform consists of a series of bungees that connect to a belt or even hand and thigh attachments, depending on your goal.

Unlike most drills, VertiMax speed workouts give you more resistance the higher up you go, challenging you to fire through the end range. On jumping or plyometric exercises, this helps you achieve triple extension and activate your posterior chain with greater force and speed. As with many pieces of equipment, however, this device is limited only by the creativity of the user.

Below, STACK Expert Dylan Spadaccini has provided 14 unique VertiMax workouts to increase speed that are a great supplement to an athlete's development training program. 



Workouts To Increase Speed 

  • Vertical Power Workouts

Use these exercises to supplement Olympic lifts and plyometrics for increased rate of force production and firing into end range.

1. Push Press
2. Split Jerk
3. Single Arm Push Jerk

  • Horizontal Power Workouts

Try this exercise in conjunction with sprint work and bounding exercises for increased first step quickness and power behind each footstrike.

4. Kneeling Hip Thrust to Broad Jump

  • Technique Workouts

Improve form by using the Vertimax to cue the hips back and down in squat patterns or to drive the leg down to a powerful footstrike.

5. Supine Knee Drive to Foot Strike
6. Squat Correction/Hip Thrust

  • Core and Postural Stability Workouts

Experiment with different attachments on the VertiMax to challenge your core from different angles within functional patterns. Maintain an Overhead Press in the Overhead Squat or the Waiter's Carry to challenge posterior chain support while engaging your core.

7. Overhead Squat
8. Lateral Dynamic Pallof Press
9. Upward Chop
10. Side Plank to Single-Arm Row
11. Forearm Plank Pull-Down
12. Forearm Plank Superman Punch
13. Split Squat Waiter's Carry
14. Shot Put Rotational Press

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