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Accelerate New Year Fitness Resolution Goals: Functional Training Workouts

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time for many to start thinking about their fitness resolution goals and how they can improve the quality of their life through better fitness habits.


Like so many things in life, there can be a bit of paralysis by analysis when deciding about where to start, as the amount of fitness information available to the public can be overwhelming. Some questions you might ask yourself include:

  • What types of exercises should I do to achieve my specific goals?
  • How often should I workout? 
  • Can I achieve my fitness goals with a home gym, or do I need to join a gym? 
  • Do I need a trainer? 
  • Should I buy supplements to accelerate my fitness results? 

Trying to figure out the most effective and efficient workout routine can be overwhelming for most people. Functional training can be a great start to creating an effective way to accomplish your goals. 

Functional training is a term used to describe exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily. In addition, it can help to improve your fitness and sports performance. These workouts typically use the whole body — definitely multiple muscles — and emphasize core strength and stability. Functional training is great for building speed, agility, and improving cardiovascular health.

Want To Reach Fitness Goals Faster?

There are a variety of ways to reach your fitness resolution goals with a different equipment and physical activity. For example, you could do a strength training session followed by a run. Fortunately, a lot of the stress and time that goes into making these decisions can be alleviated by using VertiMax equipment to reach your fitness goals. The Raptor has the versatility to allow you to perform a variety of different functional exercises using consistent resistance while you are performing physical activities like running, jumping, or squatting. This allows you to get a full-body workout to improve your fitness level and reach your goals in a shorter amount of time. In addition, The VertiMax Raptor allows you the flexibility to use it practically anywhere, at home, in a gym, or outdoors.

Let’s look at how to help you decide on your fitness goals and stick with them for the upcoming year and beyond.

How Does VertiMax Work To Improve Fitness?

VertiMax is a revolutionary resistance technology that allows users improved resistance training from the typical elastic band by providing a continuous measure of force throughout their training movements. The VertiMax system has a unique design that directs special elastic cords through various pulleys that guide them away from the platform, giving users the ability to cover a lot of ground within their workout. The patented technology reduces any friction that may occur through the movement of the cord, giving the user a seamless resistance while they are performing exercises.

The VertiMax is a world renown training device that is used by most professional athletes and sport performance coaches to prepare themselves to perform at an optimal level in their sport. With the ease of use, multitude of exercise options, and the mobility of the actual equipment itself, the VertiMax is a great alternative for anyone looking for a new way to train or needing something different to motivate themselves to get their fitness back on track.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce injuries, perform daily chores, or enhance your ability to compete as a recreational athlete, VertiMax gives users a variety of options to maximize fitness results with a full-body workout. Combine that with the versatility and mobility of the VertiMax Raptor by allowing users to transport it anywhere and set it up in just about any space. The Raptor is an ideal addition for anyone trying to improve their health and training regimen. With that said, let’s look at some of the specific exercises you can do with the VertiMax that can help users achieve their fitness goals through functional training.


VertiMax raptor accelerates fitness resolution goals


Functional Training Workout To Achieve Fitness Resolution Goals 

1. Squat Row Combo

Here is a great example of a full body exercise that VertiMax users can perform to increase strength across multiple muscle groups. With the row movement of the exercise, users can build strength and stability in their upper body through increased capacity in the muscles in their back. By performing the squat movement with resistance, users can develop the strength in their lower body. Through these movements, one can improve strength and mobility to perform the functional movements that happen in daily life.



2. Single Leg Deadlift/RDL

While this exercise focuses on increasing the unilateral strength, stability and balance in the hamstrings and glutes, users can expect an improvement in their functional movement because of the enhanced strength. Therefore, this is a great exercise for anyone looking to increase cardio workouts as a part of their fitness goals, as this will improve their capacity to walk, run, and sprint.



3. Squat Jump

This is a great example of how the VertiMax allows for more functional exercises than any other piece of training equipment. With the ability to add resistance through a lower body attachment instead of holding weights, users can perform the movement in a more applicable way to real life by getting more of an arm swing into the squat. This makes this exercise not only a great way to increase lower body strength for athletic activities, but also adds a cardiovascular endurance component to the workout that can help users lose weight and improve their overall health.



4. Standing Plank

The plank is a staple exercise of any full-body workout, as it is a terrific exercise to increase the core strength that will help you function at a high level in day to day. As opposed to the typical form of the plank where you use your body weight to create the tension for the exercise, the VertiMax Raptor allows users to really leverage the resistance that it produces to enhance results. Not only will this exercise upgrade your capabilities and movement in daily life, but it is will also help your appearance by improving your posture.



5. Side Step Lunge to Step Back Lunge to Burpee

For those that are a bit more advanced in their physical fitness and want to challenge themselves, this circuit of exercises is sure to test your mobility and stamina. The video shows how users perform a sidestep lunge, step back lunge, and burpee in succession. This really isolates your legs individually, working the quads and glutes, while forcing you to generate explosive power and exert yourself physically during the burpee. For anyone that participates in any activities or sports where running is essential, this workout will give you the lower body strength to improve your stride and the stamina to run for longer.



As you’ll notice in all of these videos, the demonstrator is using the VertiMax Raptor outdoors, illustrating just how versatile it can be. VertiMax Raptor’s portability gives users the option to train indoors or outdoors, with many different ways for it to be mounted. The Raptor is a very lightweight piece of equipment (14 pounds) and specifically designed to be easily transportable. The Raptor also has simple attachment options, allowing users to hook it up to fences, walls, or racks in a traditional gym.  With the flexibility and ease of use that the Raptor offers, it’s a great way for anyone trying to start a brand new fitness routine in 2023.

Setting fitness goals for the new year and sticking to them can be extremely difficult, but with the help of VertiMax, you can stay on track to maintain all your fitness goals. 

Check out our Get Raptor Fit page on the VertiMax Raptor for more information and ideas on how to get started on your fitness journey with VertiMax. Also, check out additional VertiMax Raptor exercises below.


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