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5 Basic Soccer Drills for Training Anywhere and Anytime

When teaching soccer tips for beginners, you’ll need to have the flexibility and the patience to get practice time in at any point. Learning how to pick up a quick drill in a backyard, open grassy field, or open indoor space will teach your players how to face adversity not only in games but in real life situations.

It might seem impossible to practice soccer training in a less-than-likely area, but simple drills can be implemented anywhere with just a few tools. Start with these drills and start practicing even when the soccer field or gym isn’t an option.

1. Wall Passes

If you’ve got a sidewall of a garage, an open, flat side of a building, or even the wall of a gymnasium, you can practice passing.

Grab a ball and start off warming up close to the wall, tapping slightly on the inside of your foot against the ball making quick, slight touches. Once you’ve warmed up, keep stepping short distances away from the wall with small juggling movements in between. Keep moving backwards to teach yourself basic control and ball handling.

2. Rollover Dribbles

While seemingly simple, dribbling is something that needs to be practiced until it feels like breathing to you as a soccer player. And using cones isn’t necessary – use whatever you have at home: cans or bottles, shoes, anything you can see and dribble through.

This technique is used to confuse defensive players as you roll the sole of your foot over the top of the ball, causing it to follow in the direction you choose. Set up your “cones” one in front of the other, and begin weaving rollover dribbles inside the cones. Wrap around the last cone and return to the beginning. Get familiar with this technique so it comes to you naturally in a game and you’re able to quickly change directions.

3. Head to Goal

Way more goals are scored using heading techniques than you’d ever expect. Find a way to incorporate heading into your “anywhere” soccer training drills.

Start with a flat surface, like a wall in front of you. Warmup by “juggling” the ball with your head against the wall, keeping it from hitting the ground. As you get more comfortable, step further back. Arch your back to meet the ball and send it further with extra momentum.

Once reaching a comfortable distance, toss the ball against the wall facing one direction, and when it returns to you, head in either the right or left direction, mimicking a move you’d make in an actual game. If you’ve gotten more comfortable with this, start making contact with the ball while jumping.

4. 100 Passing Progressions

Again, position yourself facing the wall. Nail down your passing control with 100 counted passes against the wall.

Start with one pass against your right foot, then receive the ball with your left foot, passing it back against the wall. Progress to 2 passes on the right, 2 on the left. Once you’ve reached 100 passes, start over with 10 passes to the right foot, and then 10 to the left. Keep your focus on the ball and keep your foot moving in between contact.

5. Goal Shots

If you have the ability to set up a mock goal, tape accurate dimensions against the surface or place markers in the four corners. Practicing your goal shots will work great if you can use a wall that’s outdoors.

With your back turned the wall, turn around immediately and aim for one of the four corners where you placed a tape marker.

Additionally, you can line up your makeshift cones in unique patterns to weave through, and then score. You’ll want to mimic real, game-like situations so get creative with your set ups and practice hitting specific corners against the wall.

When all you really need is a wall, your own two feet, a ball, and something to stand as “cones”, you can get creative with your soccer training. Keep things interesting and if you’re a player, try these at-home, solo soccer drills to keep your skills fresh. If you’re a coach, encourage your players to try working on their skills outside of practice.

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