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A Coaches Expansive Guide to Soccer Training Equipment

Being a coach isn’t just pep talks and organizing practice.

Knowing what to train, how to train and when to train is essential to building a strong soccer team. As a coach, you need to have a love and knowledge for the sport that is unparalleled.

A good coach knows that there’s more to soccer training than headers and ball control. Soccer is a demanding sport that requires athletes be at their peak physical potential.

Soccer training offerings span further than projecting soccer ball machines. While quick reflexes are essential for soccer players, you’ll need to develop muscles in ways “tutoring” machines can’t achieve. Soccer training equipment may not be on the forefront of your mind in building out a soccer program, but it’s important to build explosive power and muscle growth in other ways than running and shooting.

Traditional Gym/Machinery Training

Traditional gym and strength training can help your players achieve muscle growth. Gym training that includes machines or free weights, like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls, can all work to build and grow muscles used in your sport.

The most important aspects of training your soccer players in the gym will include squats, dead-lifts, and clean to press. Building strength should start with your legs, work up to your core and upper body, and never forget to train endurance with exercises and lifts like cleans, pull-ups, and jump squats.

Hurdles and Ladders

Get your soccer players on their toes by incorporating ladders and hurdles into their endurance training. Plyometric training for soccer players is just as important as ball handling drills, shooting, and general strength training.

Teaching soccer players to load and land properly helps to prevent injury and can be made into mini-competitions for your team. Don’t forget to implement the small “hops” on the balls of your players feet that soften landings and build stronger glutes and knees.

Training Nets

In your goal, setting up training nets that encourage players to hit the four corners is a simple way to implement additional technology into your soccer programs. These training nets help to make habits of hitting easy-to-score spots in the net. While there are several options on the market, you could also set up a training net on your own by taping easy-to-see areas on your practice nets for where you’d like shooters to score.

VertiMax Soccer Training Technology

VertiMax soccer training technology enhances your fast twitch muscle performance through an advanced resistance training design that allows you to train how you play. Resistance and speed training helps your players develop the quickness, strength, and speed that will help you dominate the pitch from kickoff to the final whistle.

Because of the importance of speed and power, your players need to be able to sprint quickly to the ball and need to be able to maintain endurance throughout the match. Vertimax’s V8 and Raptor training equipment provide speed training for explosiveness. This equipment increases the players strength and stability throughout the entire body with an emphasis on the glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, and core. Training on any VertiMax equipment helps to lower the risk of injury with correct use.

VertiMax equipment works to improve your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. With their increased speed and power, players need to have proper technique even though they’ve got the basics. Using the VertiMax equipment, you’re able to train focus, form, and pure athleticism. The speed resistance bungee bands and harnesses act similarly to sleds and chutes, with less bulk. They improve your explosive power, running times, are excellent for both sprint and interval training. Additionally, the V8 platform can be used for measuring jumping power, and endurance.

Training soccer will start on the field but won’t end until players are building muscle, jumping further and higher, and are quick on their feet. For soccer coaches, implementing machinery into your soccer training sessions is not only recommended, it’s necessary for a strong team.



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