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DIY VertiMax Vs Buy VertiMax: Read Before You Build A VertiMax

On social media, many people share how they try to build a VertiMax from traditional resistance tubing, kettlebells, platforms, and racks. There are many reasons not to build your own do-it-yourself (DIY) VertiMax. Let's go in depth about the safety, performance and results you might encounter by imitating the VertiMax technology. 

During COVID, many people could buy their own VertiMax equipment and many saw other ways to exercise at home or outside without the benefit of having a fully stocked gym. We saw people doing group fitness workouts in the yard with their neighbors or building home gyms with DIY equipment, and it was inspiring to see. 


Oscar Wilde wrote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” If any imitation is going to happen, let the mediocre imitate you.


We appreciate everyone’s effort to replicate one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the planet. However, VertiMax isn’t like a kettlebell or a barbell with traditional resistance bands attached, and you won’t be able to strap some bands to the floor and say you made a VertiMax. Furthermore, you shouldn’t; it’s not safe to treat homemade, DIY VertiMax like the real thing.

Let’s dig into this a bit more.

Reasons You Shouldn't Build A VertiMax

1. Linear Variable Resistance Vs. Constant Resistance

If you’ve ever used a traditional resistance band, you know it produces more force the more you stretch it. This is sometimes called linear variable resistance. Most bands or tubes will (almost) linearly increase in tension the more you pull them until they max out tension or break. Bands can be beneficial for specific things like imitating weight training with dumbbells or selectorized equipment. 

The major difference between resistance bands and dumbbells or other free weights is their resistance type. While resistance bands challenge your muscles using variable resistance, free weights use non-variable, or constant, resistance, 

The strength an athlete develops in the weight room will not always effectively translate to explosive power in competition unless low velocity power lifting is combined with high-speed, light-load explosive training.

Bands and weights have a place in your arsenal, but you can’t use them the way you can use VertiMax equipment. The patented VertiMax system generates nearly consistent tension and force, no matter where you are in space. So, you can stand on a VertiMax or be 30 feet away from it, and the band tension will remain consistent. Likewise, you can jump, walk, or sprint away from a VertiMax, and the band will give you the same resistance, regardless. 

You can also train as you would actually play your game or sport with the constant resistance attached. You can attach the bands to your arms, waist, and legs to perform the actual movements like running, jumping, throwing, catching., hitting, and more. 

2. VertiMax Technology Is Patented For A Reason

The patented pulley system hidden underneath a VertiMax allows for directional changes and control for anyone attached to it. As a result, there’s less friction and wear and tear on the bands and on the athlete, allowing for better training stimuli and a significantly longer lifespan of your equipment. 

In addition, the proprietary VertiMax resistance bands are made to maintain the integrity of the bands during the complete range of motion while they deliver consistent resistance. These are not your ordinary resistance bands. 

Lastly, there are adjustable resistance settings from 2 to 200 pounds allowing coaches to accommodate a professional NBA or NFL player right down to a 6-year-old athlete.

The VertiMax V8 gives you the ability to adjust the resistance setting on each of the 8 bands routed in the equipment by extracting or retracting the bands through their individual cam mechanism, which automatically locks the cord in place after the resistance adjustment. 

You don’t have to ditch your traditional bands entirely, but you’ll benefit immediately by using the VertiMax resistance technology in any sport-specific or athletic endeavor.

Also, let’s reiterate: it’s not safe to use traditional resistance bands attached to other pieces of equipment and expect it to perform like VertiMax. Because our bands keep the resistance tension the same over the entire distance traveled, as compared to traditional resistance bands where tension increases exponentially as the athlete travels farther and risks breakage. 

We spent years refining and fine-tuning VertiMax equipment to be safe and effective. A DIY version of VertiMax does not provide the same performance increases for sports and fitness. 

3. The Science of VertiMax Is On Our Side

Unlike most pieces of equipment, researchers have included VertiMax in several published studies to prove its effectiveness as a sport and athletic training tool. For instance, research has shown VertiMax to be helpful in plyometric, balance, and strength training. It is it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for a reason and the research proves the results.

Want to dig into the science? We detailed more of the research if you click on the link below.

vertimax science and research

4. Team Training Benefits

VertiMax V8 or V8 EX Platforms

Did you know that up to 5 athletes can train on a VertiMax V8 or V8 EX platform simultaneously? You can hook four athletes up around the perimeter of the systems and train off-platform, while a fifth athlete standing on the platform can conduct resistance jump training or other exercises. Many professional, college, high school, and youth programs use VertiMax for team training. 

So, if you have two VertiMax V8 or V8 EX in your gym or outside on a field, you can effectively train with almost your entire team, depending on your sport. No self-made equipment will have this capability. 


VertiMax Raptors

Also, many teams use the VertiMax Raptors in group training with several athletes using machines mounted on fences, walls, squat racks, sleds, or the portable Raptor mounting device. The Raptor can also train up to 2 athletes at a time. 


5. Trusted By Athletes and Coaches 

VertiMax has been a trusted equipment supplier and manufacturer. We update and improve our equipment and technology year after year, delivering a high-quality, unmatchable product line that will elevate your training game to a whole new level. 

Remember, unlike a homemade VertiMax, a genuine VertiMax machine will allow you to:

  • Train with smooth and consistent resistance.
  • Train across long distances with multiple drills or athletes.
  • Load multiple body parts to train like you play and safely at high speeds (e.g., jumping, sprinting, passing, throwing, hitting, or catching.
  • Maintain a better balance for safer and more effective training movements.

We recommend to not build your own VertiMax. It’s near impossible. We’ve already mastered the design and performance. So let us do the heavy lifting with the engineering while you do the heavy lifting in your training. We do have affordable financing to help you get started! 

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