Dynamic Warm Ups with VertiMax Raptor




It is well known in the sports world that dynamic warm ups are the preferred method for athletes to get ready for training. Dynamic stretching is preferred because it activates muscles and improves range of motion. Now, by attaching a VertiMax platform or Raptor, individuals can stimulate and isolate deep intrinsic muscles as well as train firing patterns under slight load in ballistic functional movements.

Benefits of dynamic warm-ups:

1. Isolate deep intrinsic and stabilization muscles under functional conditions either in a closed chain or open chain

2. Work on natural functional movements with correct firing patterns loading protagonist and antagonist muscle groups

3. Develop correct neurological firing of muscle groups to create horizontal, vertical or rotational motions

4. Actively stretch muscle groups under slight load to increase range of motion and stimulate golgi tendon

5. Allows for simple, easy and quick active warm-ups to prep the body for training, competition, and even rehab

6. Allows for functional rehab in all planes of motion only limited to the trainer, coach or therapist’s imagination

Example dynamic warm-ups for hip and psoas muscle:

1. Supine Position (5-10 reps per leg)

a. Knee drives from 90 degrees to chest keeping back flat and no arch to stimulate the psoas muscles (consciously try to relax the quad muscle)
b. Straight leg lifts to max range without any knee flexion for flexor activation
c. Leg extensions from 90 degrees to full leg extension for quad isolation
d. Knee drives full extension to chest for quad and psoas activation
e. Knee drives across chest for glute stretch and quad and psoas activation
f. Knee drives to same side armpit

2. Prone plank position (5-10 reps per leg)

a. Perpendicular to cord adductor leg movements
b. Perpendicular to cord abductor leg movements
c. Perpendicular to cord knee drive leg movements
d. In line with cord knee drives

3. Stand facing the Raptors inline (5-10 reps per leg)

a. Straight leg glute activation pulls back
b. Bent leg glute activation push backs
c. Hamstring swings and cycles mimicking leg cycling with good mechanics and foot passing to front side at knee level
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