Female vertimax elastic band resistance training

VertiMax Elastic Bands

VertiMax: Revolutionizing Elastic Exercise Bands & Resistance Band Equipment



VertiMax, the world's leading football training system, is being used by the NFL Pros like: Drew Brees, Chris Johnson, Ladainian Tomlinson, Vernon Davis, Ike Taylor and other Pro Bowlers to develop explosive power and speed.

Develop Vertical Jump Performance And Speed That Separates You From The Competition

VertiMax is the leading elastic exercise band training system that is unmatched when it comes to providing resistance band training with the versatility to provide elastic exercise training exercises for people of all ages. VertiMax's primary design goal was to provide athletes with an advanced resistance band machine capable of eliminating many of the drawbacks with conventional elastic band training devices.

VertiMax provides up to eight adjustable resistance bands contained within a patented platform machine that apply non-varying resistance that won't radically increase as you stretch the band. This provides the ability to conduct high velocity resistance band speed training with advanced sport bands that allow athletes to apply an elastic training load to just about any athletic motion in order to develop superior power and speed.