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The Importance of Football Spring Training & Workouts

For football players, spring is one of the most critical training seasons of the entire year. For good reason: spring training sets the tone for the upcoming season, helps players get prepared for the intensity of fall games, instills a healthy sense of competition, and makes sure the entire team and the coaches are working together.

What is the purpose of spring football?

For players, spring represents a time to refine techniques and show improvement on the field in hopes of securing a major role heading into the fall. Meanwhile, coaches are free to experiment with the roster and schemes while analyzing strengths and weaknesses on their rosters.

Coaches can be all about teaching techniques and fundamentals, and give more attention to a wide variety of players without an official game on the line. 

There are also strict rules for many spring practices in football, like in the NCAA. College teams get a maximum of 15 spring practice days in a 34-day timeframe, including the final spring game. They also have rules on the number of practices that may contain full-contact activities. 

This blog will break down some of the most important aspects of spring training for football teams and how you can make yours better. 

Why Spring Practice is so Important

For most fans, fall is football season. Players, however, know that the season starts far before the air gets cold. 

Spring training practice is considered by many the onset of the football season and a hopeful event to look forward to after the long grueling months of winter conditioning.

1. Practice Makes Perfect 

There are a few answers to that question. First, it's essential to consider spring practice in the context of the post-covid-19 sports schedule: in a world where sports practice has been limited, any practice is now an important practice. 

2. Get In The Right Mindset For Fall

No matter how the team performed in the previous season, spring practice allows each player to set a foundation that will inform the forthcoming season. The atmosphere of spring practice is positive since every team is undefeated at that point. 

Additionally, fans are usually enthusiastic about additions that take place during spring practice, including the incoming recruits are coaches.

Ultimately, spring practice represents a valuable window where teams can get stronger, faster, more agile, and more competitive before the hustle and bustle of the Fall season rolls around.

3. Teams Can Focus On Learning & Techniques 

After spring, the summer training months are dominated by organized team activities and mini-camps in the NFL. 

Spring provides an essential opportunity for players to get in condition, drill down into the specifics of their games, and focus on innovations that the rest of the year is just too busy to include.for. 

During spring practice, coaches can experiment with new plays, formations, schemes, and techniques for each position. They also may change the roster based on how each player performs and may adapt plays in real-time to improve the team's strengths and eliminate weaknesses. 

Even though football players are constantly training in the months leading up to kickoff in the fall, the spring is the most important stretch of the off-season because spring practice mimics real-time action and the coaching that will occur in the fall. By contrast, summer workouts are more to stay in shape and are less structured because of a lack of coaching supervision. 

4. Spring Builds Competition and Excitement

During spring practice, coaches and players know that there's a season game to prepare for. 

As the weeks tick by and fall gets closer, teams and coaches get to work out inconsistencies or kinks and bring their best performances to the table.

By the time fall football season is in full swing, the entire team is operating like a finely tuned machine.

How VertiMax Improves Spring Training for Football

With spring training, as with all things, how you do it matters just about as much as the fact that you do it. It's not enough to just run random drills. Instead, teams that make the most of their spring training take an intentional, proactive, competitive approach to the process. 

A complete football training solution, VertiMax systems can prepare all football players for the intensity of football spring training because it enhances muscular strength and power as well as improves motor skills, leading to enhanced sports performance.

In addition, VertiMax aids growth and increases the strength of ligaments, tendons, and bone junction strength to reduce the chance of injuries. 

Today, VertiMax Platforms and Raptors are used by over half of all NFL teams, leading professional football players, and many top D1 and High School Football programs around the country.


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Benefits of VertiMax for Football Spring Training

Intelligent Loading

Although the VertiMax system is applicable for athletes in many different sports, it is the perfect equipment for football training. It allows players to execute specific moves and drills while loading the athlete in ways that stand to enhance performance on game day.


To gain maximum muscle strength and power, athletes need varied workouts that target different capabilities at different times. That is one strength of the VertiMax system.  

Designed to be versatile and perfect for off-season training, the system allows players to improve motor skills, enhance performance, and decrease the chance of injuries by building up strength in the ligaments, tendons, and bone junction points.

Injury Prevention

If a player gets hurt during the Spring training season, VertiMax can help rehab the athlete.  

Since VertiMax’s platforms are versatile, the technology can be adapted to allow athletes to perform movements accurately, target strength training and muscle repair, and ensure effective and complete rehabilitation. 

Once the player is ready to get back on the field, the equipment allows athletes to work on past sets, run blocking exercises, improve step quickness, focus on stance and fast-start explosiveness, and even enhance hand speed.

The result? Healthy, strong, and well-conditioned players that can truly go the distance. 

Great Spring Training Makes for Great Fall Football

While it might not be as flashy as fall football season or summer training camps, spring training is a critically important time for any football team.

Designed to hone the moving parts, increase strength and performance, and help teams work together, spring training sets the stage for a great fall football season. 

Teams that train with the VertiMax system in the spring training season are much more powerful.

Offering versatile, customizable, robust training and rehabilitation capabilities, the VertiMax Platform and Raptor systems help teams build strength and agility, identify weak points, and emerge as competitively as possible.

Also check out workouts for different football positions using VertiMax.

Ready to learn more about VertiMax football training or how our systems can help your team train better? Check out our football training videos now, or shop our lineup of training solutions today.

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