Good Enough For Duke Good Enough For You?

The Duke University Blue Devils are an icon in American collegiate sports. With 12 combined NCAA national championships among its teams, 119 ACC championships, and a graduation rate of 97 percent, it's easy to see why their teams are seen as among the best in the nation - on the fields of play, and in the classroom.

One of the keys to the success of their athletes? VertiMax. With 26 teams in all, each using the university's state of the art training facility, Duke is in possession of three VertiMax platforms in all. Why would a facility that includes 10 Power Lift Multi-Use Power Racks, 10,000 pounds of York Bumper Plates, a Keiser Infinity Series 6-Pack Trainer, two full sets of dumbells up to 130 pounds, and a full assortment of accessory training equipment on top of Infinity Max Pro Flooring with 10 in-ground Olympic platforms also need three VertiMax platforms?

Duke knows what many of our clients know. No other system exists to adequately train all of the mechanics that are necessary for lower extremity power and arm swing, core strength, and overall foot speed. And it does it all on one platform.
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