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How Parents Can Develop At-Home Athletic Training Programs

As competition ramps up in youth sports, parents are interested in how they can help their kids get a leg up on the competition by providing a home athletic training program.

While finding the right team and training is definately important for in-season play for your particular sport, thinking about how your athlete will execute their strength training during the off-season needs to be factored in by parents. 

This can appear to be an overwhelming or daunting task to parents, who may not be familiar with various training programs, modalities, or equipment necessary to help athletes make real progress. 



A great way for parents to solve all these problems is to invest in one of the VertiMax training platforms.  Not only do the VertiMax V8 or Raptor platforms offer incredible functionality, with the ability to perform essentially any exercise and train any muscle group, it also has the unrivaled capability to be set up anywhere. 

For parents that are unfamiliar with strength training routines, VertiMax can help walk athletes through strength and movement exercises that are targeted to the athletic needs in their specific sport. Plus, VertiMax also offers an abundance of education, information for all athletes looking to train with the platform and the VertiMax social media community has a wealth of users creating fun and exciting home workout programs. 

Let’s take a look at some simple ways that parents and athletes can execute a training program at home, while also integrating the VertiMax to help accelerate their development.  

At-Home Athletic Training Program

1. Jumps Squats

Starting with some basic exercises you can do at home, the jump squat will help build a foundation of strength and mobility needed to excel in any sport.  To perform the exercise, start with your feet a little more than waist-width apart.  Then, raise your arms and swing them with force to generate some momentum for your jump.  This is an excellent way to develop an athlete’s vertical jump by building the strength in their quads and glutes.  

To really supercharge this workout and obtain explosive results, you can perform it with added resistance from the VertiMax.  Check out the video below to see an example of an athlete using the VertiMax while performing jump squats, as well as the boost in results he sees afterward.




2. Forward Run


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3. High Knee Run

For those looking to enhance their speed and ability to accelerate, the high knee run is a great way to accomplish both.  You can work on performing the high knees while standing in place or running, while focusing on driving your knees higher, almost to chest level.  This really helps athletes build strength in their quads and hip flexors, allowing them to generate more explosive power when running.  Check out the video below for an explanation and detailed progression of high knee exercises that can be done while using the VertiMax to enhance performance.



4. Agility Ladder with Sprint

Another way to help athletes develop speed, while also incorporating movements that build quickness and improve their ability to change directions is by using an agility ladder.  The video below demonstrates a great way for athletes to go about performing the drill.  The athletes use a 3-step movement before changing directions to build their balance and coordination by pushing off both feet, but you can change the footwork to target different movements as you become more comfortable.  When combined with the resistance of the VertiMax, it really helps enhance the quick twitch muscles needed to excel in any sport.




5. Standing Plank

Full-body strength is a necessary component for athletes to be able to load the body to prevent injury, as well as increase speed and explosiveness.  Specifically, core strength is critical to improving balance and coordination.  With the VertiMax, athletes can perform exercises to train any muscle group.  Take a look at the video below, as the coach shows us how to build core strength with the standing plank, where he uses the resistance from the VertiMax to build strength in his core and shoulders.  This is a really simple exercise that athletes can easily add to any home workout to help improve performance.



6. Front and Reverse Crawls

This is another great exercise that athletes can do anywhere with the VertiMax that helps develop strength throughout the body.  To perform, with the resistance harness around your waist, flex your core as you start to crawl.  As you begin to crawl, you will feel the strain in both your upper and lower body.  Then as you begin to crawl backward, the tension from the VertiMax will develop your core strength.  Check out the video for a detailed explanation on how you can execute the exercise.



Sport-Specific Athletic Training

One of the benefits of training with the VertiMax V8 or Raptor is it allows for remarkable efficiency in your training, as athletes can incorporate sport-specific drills into their workouts.  Athletes can work on their technique and skill for their specific position while using the attachments from the VertiMax, giving them resistance that simultaneously improves their skill level and physical output.  Here are a few examples of sport-specific training athletes can do while using the VertiMax.


Basketball At-Home Training

VertiMax is a great tool to add to basketball training, as the freedom of movement allows athletes to easily replicate game-like situations and drills.  For those athletes with basketball hoops at home, take a look at the video below for some different ways you can work on your finishing skills while using the VertiMax.  In addition to improving his finishing ability, the athlete also develops his vertical explosiveness by adding a rebounding component to the drill, which is enhanced through training with the VertiMax.



For athletes without a basket at home, you can still develop your game with just a ball and the VertiMax.  In the video below, you can see the coach use the VertiMax in a variety of different ways while working on his ball handling.  This is a great hack for basketball players looking to simulate the physicality of the game while maintaining their balance while dribbling.



Football Training At-Home Training

There are numerous ways young football players can work on their game at home with the VertiMax.  For quarterbacks, you can work on your footwork, as well as your passing technique, as seen in the video below.  By adding the VertiMax to these drills, athletes can significantly improve their balance, coordination, and strength.



If you’re a receiver or defensive back, you can also use the VertiMax to work on your ball skills.  In this video, you can see the athlete trying to develop his balance and coordination when coming down with the ball, as he loads off of one foot both when he’s on the move and in a stationary position.  With the added resistance, the athlete can make significant strides in his ability to react quickly and jump off either foot to try to make a play on the ball.



Baseball At-Home Training

Training at home for baseball players is also hassle-free with the VertiMax.  For hitters, you can attach the VertiMax harnesses at the wrist and waist to enhance bat speed and power, while also working on your swing mechanics.  Check out the video example, where a hitter works on his swing technique with the added resistance to get serious results.



For pitchers, they can develop the power in their lower body and build stability in their throwing shoulder with the resistance from the VertiMax.  The video below gives a great demonstration of how young athletes can go about this.  This is even something pitchers can develop without a ball, just by practicing the throwing motion with the resistance attached.



For those looking to improve their skills in the field, the range of motion tat the VertiMax offers makes it easy to simulate game like situations.  In this video, the athlete works on fielding ground balls with the VertiMax resistance around their waist.  This develops his strength, balance, and quickness, allowing him cover more ground and be on balance to make an on target throw once he fields the ball.


Soccer At-Home Training

There are many drills soccer players can do at home with the VertiMax to improve their game.  Here’s a great video example of an exercise that athletes can do that puts an emphasis on quick feet and ball control.  By using the resistance and adding lateral movement to the drill, this athlete is enhancing accuracy and touch with the ball, as well as quickness and ability to change directions.



Athletic Training Anywhere With VertiMax

For any parent or athlete looking for a way to make their home training more robust and take their performance up a level, the resistance training system offered by VertiMax is a tremendous way to meet these goals.  Athletes can not only enhance their physical conditioning with the VertiMax, but also build their sport-specific skills to really take their game to the next level.  Check out the VertiMax Instagram page for demos on how to use the VertiMax in a variety of sports.  For those who have questions about how to get started, feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions.  


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