How a Sports Performance Facility Separates From The Competition

Shockwave Strength and Performance in Newport News, Virginia, has been a long time coming for the area. The need to train athletes, active adults, youth athletes and anyone who wants to get in shape has been at a high demand. Shockwave Strength and Performance is a comprehensive facility that emphasizes speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and agility for athletes as well as general fitness members. Top coaches, innovative technology, programming with a purpose and cutting-edge equipment will be housed for their clients and athletes so that they can train at a high level and track their success.  

Dr. Jarrod Best is the owner of Shockwave SP whose goal was to open a facility specifically catered to athletes and ensure that there was a place to train so that they can reach their full athletic potential. His extensive 20 year background in sports and fitness while working in commercial gyms, training professional athletes, personal training, and as a nutritionist helped him open up his dream facility. Dr. Best background guided him to provide a well-designed and collaborative training facility based on sound physiological principles. And he says it best when defining his goal "Our goal is to jolt the athletic potential as we all have the capability to be an athlete".

To help Shockwave achieve its goal, Dr. Best set high standards for his coaches and made sure to offer top-notch programming. In order to coach at Shockwave, each coach will have to have earned at least a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology and also have a mandatory Strength and Conditioning Certification from the NSCA. A performance coach is a very important position and can not just be plugged into a "job". They need to have the proper training and education in order for a client to be successful in weight loss, athletic performance and injury prevention.

Group fitness classes, Private Training Sessions, Sports Private Training, ROC Functional Fitness, Youth Fundamental Functional Training, Off-Season Performance Training, and Sports Performance Training will all be offered to all respective clients. With this many options for training and programming, you can see how Shockwave SP is staying ahead of the competition by offering a wide range of options from the beginner to the seasoned athlete.

Shockwave offers the latest and greatest of the cutting edge technology to monitor and provide results to their athletes. What's a better way to train when you can see the data and progress on your mobile device or a printout from your coach? Coach Me Plus used by pro teams, will be implemented to properly track results. The innovative software offers a wide range of tools from program planning, athlete schedule, weight tracking, hydration, and even offers the ability to export and analyze all data to help safely prepare athletes prior to competition. To properly capture performance, Dr. Best and his staff will use Dartfish which is video software used to help evaluate and improve any movement efficiently.

Racks, rigs, treadmills, hurdles, barbells, dumbbells, etc. All facilities have them, but what makes Shockwave SP special is that they also have a unique place with the leading edge equipment. The Nova Move Strong XL transforms any space into a large group training area that can be used with numerous functional fitness exercises. They can accessorize it with rings, suspension trainers, ropes and grip training tools. Speed training is a must for any sports performance facility and Shockwave has implemented the VertiMax Raptor as a tool to enhance their athletes' training. The VertiMax Raptor provides a consistent resistance from 0 to 45 yards to help athletes train at game speed with a light load using its patented technology, which increases explosive power, acceleration and top end speed.

Shockwave is not a "gym" it is a training facility geared with strategic purpose. Top coaches, innovative technology, cutting edge equipment, programming with a purpose and the experience and passion of Dr. Best are bringing a whole new way to train at Shockwave Strength and Performance. Newport News, Virginia and surrounding cities get ready to train like an athlete!