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How To Train For The NFL Draft

VertiMax is your secret weapon and best friend if you are training for the NFL draft. Used by more than half of all NFL teams, as well as many Pro and Collegiate teams, the VertiMax V8 Platforms, and Raptor solutions are a favorite for increasing performance on the field and enhancing recovery in training.

Spring is the time for the NFL Draft and the NFL pro teams will compete and trade to choose their new players. College football players have been preparing for this moment with intense training and developing their skills during their career.

The National Football League (NFL) Draft is an annual event which serves as the league's most common source of player recruitment. To be eligible for the draft, players must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season. They must opt-in for the draft. 


Here are a few of our top training tips for the NFL draft. We also provide information about how VertiMax can make you a stronger player. 

3 Ways To Stand Out For The NFL Drafts

If you're preparing to play college football, you know that your performance in the classroom is just as important as your performance on the field.  Fortunately, VertiMax is here to help. 

1. Perfect Your Movement

One of the best things that you can do to stand out during collegiate drafts is to perfect your movement now.

College football coaches want to see how you stack up against other potential recruits, which involves completing an athletic movement assessment. Assessments like these give coaches a complete picture of how a player moves and helps to pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Fortunately, no matter which position you play or which skills you're looking to improve, it is a system designed to enhance movement and build explosive speed. Our systems allow players to perform specific drills and moves while loaded in ways that enhance performance and build strength. 

2. Start Training For The Field

Besides honing in on specific movements, coaches want to see that collegiate players have trained for the field. To be competitive during a collegiate draft, you should have agility training sessions and a few boot camps under your belt. 

These intensive training formats focus on helping players improve their biomechanical fundamentals. Quarterbacks, for example, focus on arm strength. Running backs focus on speed. Linemen focus on developing their cores. Defensive backs focus on agility.

No matter which position you play or which skills you're looking to improve, VertiMax can help. The V Series Platforms and Raptors Allow athletes to focus on getting results that improve their performance on the field. In addition to providing performance equipment, our solutions also offer education on programming designed specifically for football athletes. Our app provides football-specific drills and programming for players in the preseason, full season, or offseason. It's an excellent way for collegiate hopefuls to build their on-field skills.

3. Make Sure Your Recovery Game Is Strong

While excellent training is essential, full recovery is critical. Playing at the Collegiate level means stepping in with the big dogs. College coaches expect players to move faster, stronger, more precisely, and better than they did in high school. 

College coaches also want healthy athletes that spend little time on the benches with injuries—because of that, acing your recovery game is a great way to be a competitive recruit. VertiMax’s training systems allow athletes to build the strength needed to avoid injuries in the first place and focus on precision movements to build back strength after an injury occurs. 

The result is a comprehensive recovery solution that will keep you on the field and off the bench.

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How VertiMax Improves Draft Preparation For All Levels

VertiMax can help collegiate hopefuls get drafted, but it can also help successful college players go all the way to the NFL. The great thing about training with the VertiMax system is that there’s no plateau. 

Here are just a few ways players in all positions can use VertiMax to excel:

  • Quarterbacks. VertiMax makes it easy for quarterbacks to work on their ⅗ step drops while also enhancing play-action rollouts. For inspiration, check out our quarterback drills for football.
  • Running Backs and fullbacks. Running Backs and fullbacks can use VertiMax to focus on and improve explosive strength and speed, balance, and power foot quickness. 
  • Receivers and tight ends. Football players out there on the field catching the ball need to build core strength, speed, and explosive jumping ability. Fortunately, VertiMax can help. Our football training drills for wide receivers help boost speed and strength and help players excel on the field.
  • Cornerbacks and safety. These players need to change direction quickly and accurately, have rocket-fast reaction speed, and a strong back peddle. VertiMax makes it possible to practice that while also building strength, stamina, and performance. 

By offering speed and agility training and a wide variety of capabilities for NFL combine drills, VertiMax allows professional and collegiate players to level up, get more competitive, and bring their best to the field.


Check out Stanley Morgan Jr, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals performing resistance box jumps using the VertiMax V8 Platform


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VertiMax: Promoting Excellence In The NFL

Football is a game of dedication, preparation, and training. The players that become Legends get there by putting their whole hearts into improving their bodies and games. 

Whether you are a collegiate player hoping to go pro, or a high school player hoping to get drafted by the college of your dreams, training is everything. Here at VertiMax, we have a long history of helping the world's greatest football players become precise, strong, agile machines, and we have no intention of slowing down any time soon.

The VertiMax V8 Platforms and Raptor solutions Are your complete source for competitive football training and drills and will help you become the best player you can be. Learn more about our solutions or find your perfect fit now




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