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How Vertimax Helps Physical Therapy Patients Recovery

Every athlete knows what being injured is like: not fun. Making a solid rebound can be the difference between a great season and a few months on the sidelines. While young athletes often lack the patience to see a recovery through, doing so is essential for success in any sport. That’s where Vertimax comes in. Vertimax is the number one aid to a quick physical therapy turnaround.

Professional athletes such as Maria Sharapova rely on the Vertimax to build strength and stability in key areas for injury prevention purposes. Those same exercises can be used by athletes seeking a fast recovery. Part of the reason is Vertimax’s ability to isolate certain muscle groups. 

 Knees and Hips

If an athlete suffers a knee injury, they can execute the ‘Step-up Knee Drive’ to activate muscles without putting any stress on joints. In this configuration, the Vertimax attaches right above both knees. Meanwhile, the athlete stands on a small stool with one foot. Then, in one fast motion, they bring the opposite knee driving up until it is parallel with the hips and forms a 90-degree angle with the ground. This stimulates both knee flexion and hip flexion without putting any stress on the hips or knees themselves.

One of the benefits of the Vertimax is that it’s not just a strength training tool. It also helps with mechanics. That’s why it can be so useful for recovering athletes who have developed poor form.

Landing Mechanics

Coming back from an injury in a sport that requires constant jumping, like volleyball, can be extremely difficult. Luckily, Vertimax can help athletes learn how to properly decelerate from a high jump. This drill sees the load around the waist, and the athlete starts in an active position with knees slightly bent. Suddenly, they jump into a landing position, careful that their knees are not rotating in, their hips are back, and their knees are not shooting out beyond their toes. When they get onto the court, they’ll be ready to go.

As you can see, the wide-ranging applications of Vertimax make it an ideal tool for recovering athletes and their coaches. For a sampling of 11 different configurations that aid in injury prevention, head here.


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