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Individual Athletes Benefit From VertiMax Training

If you’re looking for a home training system to take your athletic power, speed and vertical performance to the next level – VertiMax is the innovation in sports training that will take you there.


Having VertiMax in your training arsenal at home basically puts the world’s leading coach for developing athletic power, speed and vertical jump performance at your disposal 24/7. VertiMax is used by the greatest, most accomplished athletes in almost every professional sport world-wide.

Stephen Curry

Justin Gatlin

Chris Johnson

That’s why VertiMax is now in thousands of homes across the US benefiting individual athletes from youth to adult ages in every sport. The video above quickly shows you how and why the VertiMax V8 develops athletic power and “Speed Strength” more efficiently and effectively than any other training device available.

VertiMax creates superior athletes because only it can:

  • Load leg & arm swing for maximum vertical gains
  • Load leg Drive & Recovery phase for maximum speed gains
  • Provide thousands of sports specific training configurations
  • Provide adjustable elastic resistance settings from 2 to 200 pounds
  • Allow high speed training on or off-platform for maximum 'Speed Strength' gains