Off-Season Basketball Training Featuring Alan Stein

Pro basketball trainer and owner of Stronger Team, Alan Stein, has worked with some of the game's biggest superstars. As the season ends and teams form for next year, off-season basketball training routines are in full swing. We caught up with Alan for a quick conversation centered around explosive training. 

Alan Stein Question & Answer

Q: Describe what you believe makes a basketball player successful?
A: Athleticism, skill, basketball I.Q. and heart.


Q: What does the term explosive mean to you?
A: The ability to exert strength quickly and forcefully.


Q: The industry refers to VertiMax as the leading athletic training system. How do you believe it benefits your athletes and trainees?
A: The VertiMax is an unbelievable tool to help safely and progressively train nearly every aspect of athleticism – specifically power, explosiveness, strength and stability.


According to Alan, explosiveness means more than just strength. Explosiveness incorporates the element of time into the formula and asks how easily an athlete can exert that force. Think about it: a nuclear bomb has the ability to eradicate an entire region in seconds. Next time you’re training, the goal is to be a nuclear bomb. Keep working on your explosiveness, and then when it’s game time, you detonate.



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