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5 Olympic Track and Field Training Drills For Your Training Program

Let's see how Justin Gatlin Achieved Explosive Power & Speed Training With 5 VertiMax Dynamic Track and Field Training Drills



Justin Gatlin Track and Field Training with VertiMax

Track & Field athletes require an excellent combination of strength, speed, power to excel in competition. Implementing VertiMax in your track & field strength training program will dramatically increase explosive leg power and speed to radically elevate an athlete's competitive ability. VertiMax is the most effective equipment to quickly develop sports specific acceleration abilities for sprint events and lower body reactive power for field events requiring explosive movements. Two simple exercises 2-3 times a week is all it takes to elevate your competitive performance capability to the next level.

5 Dynamic Track and Field Training Drills

It is well known in the sports world that dynamic warm-ups are the preferred method for athletes to get ready for training. Dynamic stretching is preferred because it activates muscles and improves range of motion. Now, by attaching a VertiMax platform or Raptor, individuals can stimulate and isolate deep intrinsic muscles as well as train firing patterns under slight load in ballistic functional movements.

Benefits of this type of dynamic warm-up:

  • 1. Isolate deep intrinsic and stabilization muscles under functional conditions either in a closed chain or open chain
  • 2. Work on natural functional movements with correct firing patterns loading protagonist and antagonist muscle groups
  • 3. Develop correct neurological firing of muscle groups to create horizontal, vertical or rotational motions
  • 4. Actively stretch muscle groups under slight load to increase range of motion and stimulate golgi tendon
  • 5. Allows for simple, easy and quick active warm-ups to prep the body for training, competition, and even rehab
  • 6. Allows for functional rehab in all planes of motion only limited to the trainer, coach or therapist’s imagination

Physio and biomechanics expert Sean Pena for the top track athletes in the world demonstrates five of his acceleration and explosive power drills he utilizes on his World Class sprinters to optimally develop speed and acceleration performance. You will be able to watch 2014 Indoor National 60 Meter champion Marvin Bracy, #1 Ranked US 200 Meter sprinter Curtis Mitchell along with a host of other Olympians from other countries perform advanced speed training drills on the Elite V8 system which provides advanced training alternatives that are new to the sport.

Develop New Performance Abilities That Show Up In Competition!



VertiMax is the unchallenged best way to improve athletic speed and explosive play-making abilities. Hundreds of colleges and performance centers across the US including 65% of the NFL, 50% of the NBA, 65% of Division 1 colleges now use VertiMax to develop athletic speed & power. Click the photos below to see exciting VertiMax training videos and features that will benefit all your players!

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