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Point Guard Workout Guide

Point-Guard-workout guide

Becoming a great point guard is a mixture of physical conditioning, ball skills and mental toughness. You need to be able to take knocks, elevate yourself above players that are taller than you, make quick first steps on the ball, and take care of the ball in tight spaces. In VertiMax’s point guard workout guide, we combine those four focal points to give guards an effective workout in just 16 sets. This will help you become more explosive in your linear, lateral and vertical movements so you can dominate the competition on the court.

Workout #1: Squat Jumps



  • Stand centered on the VertiMax with cords attached to hips
  • Lower into squat; explode into jump
  • Land softly, reload, then fire straight up

Sets/Reps: 4x8

Coaching Tips: Don’t bend at waist. Drop hips into squat position during reload.

Workout #2: Step In Squat Jumps



  • Attach cords to hips and hands
  • With one foot back, step forward into middle of platform; explode straight up as high as possible
  • Repeat in continuous manner, rotating between the foot that steps back

Sets/Reps: 4x4 with left foot stepping back, 4x4 with right foot stepping back

Coaching Tips: Avoid landing stiff-legged.

Workout #3: One Leg Progression



  • Attach cords to hips and wrists
  • Start with right foot back and ball in right hand; step forward and bring both right knee and right hand upward
  • Repeat in continuous manner for both left and right sides
  • Follow with both hands on ball for each left and right foot

Sets/Reps: 4x8

Coaching Tips: Gently hop up. Focus on driving knee and hand higher.

Workout #4: Rip Through



  • Attach cords to hips and wrists
  • Practice ripping both high and low with desired resistance

Sets/Reps: Four 30-second periods

Coaching Tips: Maximize workout with a partner simulating an opposing player.

By using the VertiMax to apply resistance to your basketball training, you’re teaching your muscles to fire faster, making yourself quicker, stronger and ultimately more explosive in your moves. From a higher vertical jump to a faster first step on the dribble, the VertiMax will take your vertical leap and your on- and off-the-ball mobility to the next level.


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