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What It Takes To Prepare Youth For The World Games

The World Games is an international multi-sport event with sports disciplines that are not in the Olympics. One thing is for sure, most athletes train for events like The World Games start at a very young age. So let's dig deeper into how youth athletes can diversify their training programs to prepare for the spotlight in a World Games event.

Did you know that most athletes at elite levels were multi-sport athletes in their youth? You might think playing a single sport is best, but research proves otherwise. A majority of the science shows that youth who played Multiple Sports were significantly more successful in their primary sport and were more athletic as adults. 

Youth Training Programs: What Does The Science Say?

There was a time when it was ill-advised to encourage youth to strength train. It was a belief that strength training, especially weight-bearing programs (e.g., weightlifting), could affect a youth’s bone structure and growth plates. However, most recent studies show otherwise: Strength Training For Youth and Children and Free-Weight Resistance Training in Youth Athletes.

Now we know that youth need to add things like resistance training to improve muscle and athleticism. For parents who read this, please know that it’s 100% acceptable for kids to work out in a gym. If you’re a youth athlete, try resistance training.

What Youth Training Requires?

Regardless of your chosen sport, there are commonalities between all sports. For instance, most events at The World Games require:

  • Versatility - Can you adapt to the demands as the game progresses?

  • Coordination - Can you accomplish more than one task at a time?

  • Technique - Do you have the skills necessary to compete?

  • Endurance - Can you sustain the demands placed on you?

Thus, training programs should address these components in practice or in the gym.


Why VertiMax For Youth Training?

VertiMax allows you to meet all the requirements for youth athletic sports training, either in isolation or in totality. So that’s why we absolutely recommend and love VertiMax for every single athlete.

Here are examples of using VertiMax for a few sports in The World Games stage.


Gymnastics might just be one of the most versatile sports there is. You must be strong, agile, explosive, balanced, and coordinated; that’s also what makes it one of the most sought-after youth programs in the world.

We’ve discussed the importance of vertical jump performance, but it bears repeating because most gymnastics events require incredible leg drive and strength. If you want to be strong and explosive from the ground up, you need plyometric training.

  • Vertical Jump Strength and Power

Check out this video of 10-year-old Kingsly McCracken using VertiMax to work on vertical jump technique and single-leg balance.



t’s neat to see some of our youth using VertiMax to improve jump mechanics!

Gymnastics is also a sport of control. Sure, you need to be quick to jump, tumble, or even use rings. However, control shows that an athlete can accelerate and decelerate on command; that’s part of what makes gymnastics so graceful.

  • Handstand Balance and Strength 

Here’s a gymnast working on handstand balance and strength while attached to a VertiMax.

  • Strength and Flexibility

This video showcase the ability to hold and withstand a needle scale while hooked to a VertiMax.

One of the most extraordinary things about VertiMax is the constant tension, no matter where you are in space. This allows you to load positions evenly without losing balance. 



Lacrosse is one of the oldest organized sports in the united states, but it’s also featured in The World Games, so it’s played across the globe.

As discussed in our other article, most people refer to lacrosse as “the fastest game on two feet.” Athletes move quickly, in multiple directions, and the gameplay barely stops. So, it’s taxing, which is precisely why athletes need to learn to endure high-intensity training bouts.

  • Lateral Movement Drills

Check out this youth athlete doing lateral movement drills while attached to a VertiMax. You can simultaneously train acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction all at once, which lacrosse players need to play at the highest level. 


The unique thing about The World Games is that it’s played six on six, so players move more around the field. It's even more crucial that your high-intensity energy systems are primed and ready to go.

Coordination is also essential for passing and scoring in lacrosse. The ball can travel up to 80 miles per hour on the field, which means every athlete needs to be ready to throw, catch, or defend at a moment’s notice.

  • Fielding Drills

As this athlete showcases, you can slow things down and practice fielding drills.


  • Maximum Velocity Throwing Drill

In this video, see how you can throw at maximal velocities while attached to a VertiMax.



Be The Best You Can Be

Regardless, prepare for any World Games sport by being the most versatile, coordinated, and technical athlete you can be. 

Don’t forget! In addition to the VertiMax V8 training platform, the VertiMax Raptor is mobile and can be attached to equipment, fences, walls, or a mobile frame. 

There are endless possibilities for youth sports performance training using VertiMax, and countless sporting events you can prepare for at The World Games. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to plan, prepare, and win!

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