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Pro Trainers Use VertiMax To Drive Clients To The Business

Deliver Speed & Vertical Gains That Drive Clients To Your Business



VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that will make a difference your athletes will feel and their coaches (or agents) will see.

Having it in your arsenal will give you a whole new training dimension, expand your client base, and increase revenue.

Lower Body Reactive Power is the most vital attribute any athlete can possess. It's the key to explosiveness, speed, and power generation. it's what makes plays and wins games. And no training system ever designed will do more than VertiMax - to increase lower body reactive power.

VertiMax is the fastest, most effective way to improve:

  • Speed and Explosive First Step Quickness
  • Vertical Jump Performance
  • Competitive Edge

Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club



Pro Trainers taking their business' to the next level with VertiMax in their clients training




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