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How To Run Faster: Advanced Speed Training with VertiMax



What makes VertiMax the most effective speed training system in the world? VertiMax is used by the fastest men and women Olympic Gold medal sprinters and speed positions in virtually every sport because it can deliver superior speed performance gains no other speed training device can. First and foremost, the VertiMax V8 can simultaneously attach resistance bands to the feet and waist or feet and hands to effectively develop power for acceleration in the muscles associated with all phases of the running motion. Learn more about speed training here.  

Conventional Training Methods Don’t Do Enough

Most athletes push & pull sleds, perform weighted squats and run with parachutes to develop speed. The problem is all those exercises only load the muscles that are engaged when the foot is in contact with the ground driving or pushing the athlete. Thus, all these exercises shown below basically ignore force development in the important muscles required to accelerate the foot to the “next step” or ground strike once it breaks contact with the ground. Neglecting force development in the Recovery phase of running is going to be a big problem if your goal is to fully develop your speed potential.


Only The V8 Develops Power In All Phases Of The Running Motion

By attaching bands to the feet and waist or feet and hands, the V8’s patented speed training system can apply resistance to BOTH the Drive AND Recovery phases of the running motion. Thus leg power associated with the foot driving when planted on the ground pushing and leg power associated with accelerating the foot when it breaks contact with the ground are both developed to optimally improve speed. If you have the opportunity to watch the speed training videos on this page you’ll see the V8 simply makes more sense when it comes to effectively developing power in all aspects of running and accelerating in any direction whether it be linearly, laterally or back pedaling.

VertiMax V8 Speed Training Demo



View the Linear and Lateral speed training videos below to learn how to run faster using the VertiMax speed training system and methodology that is light years ahead of the competition.


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