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Team Training With VertiMax Circuit Training Workouts

VertiMax is quickly becoming well known as the most efficient and effective training tool to train an athlete to build explosive power, strength, speed, and agility.  But what about multiple athletes?  Yes, VertiMax is amazing for team training  enabling multiple athletes to train at the same time session. As a coach, you SHOULD use VertiMax as it is just as an amazing piece for team training! We also share 5 circuit training workouts coaches can use to train many athletes at once.  

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Why The VertiMax Design Is The Best Tool For Team Training


As mentioned above, VertiMax is just as much a team training tool as it is for individuals; and that’s not a fluke.  VertiMax V8 platforms and Raptors were created specifically to allow multiple athletes train at the same time if desired. 

  • VertiMax V8 and V8EX Platforms

There are currently two different platform models; the V8 and the V8EX.  They are both very similar except for variables. 


When looking at the V8 platforms, you notice that both offer four cords to be used by an athlete on the platform.  These are to train exercises like squat jumps and cycle lunges.  


You then see that there are four other cords on the outside; two on the front and two on the back.  These cords allow room for up to four other athletes who can perform lateral movements such as broad jumps, skips, and resisted sprinting.


The only difference is found when examining the cords for the lateral movements.  The V8 cords are 10m while the V8EX cords are 20 meters.  The longer length will obviously allow for greater movement distances such as a longer distance to sprint, perform plyometrics, or repeated jumps.


Besides this one difference, they allow the same movements AND the same amount of athletes to train at once.

  • VertiMax Raptor

VertiMax Raptor is a portable resistance training system which can be used inside or outside, and can be mounted in many ways outside on the field or inside a gym. You can have multiple Raptors to provide more team training options and versatility.  Weighing only 14 pounds, the mobile VertiMax Raptor is great for personal training, small group training, and sports performance training. Both Raptor and Raptor EX models are lightweight and designed to be portable with multiple attachment options.  You can attach the units to chain link fences, walls, racks and portable support systems.

The Raptor has two 43 foot bands inside the unit, while the Raptor EX has a single 86 foot band inside the unit. Since the Dual Raptor has two bands, you can load an athlete at two independent locations on their body or train two athletes simultaneously by attaching one band to each person. The Raptor EX band (86 ft.) is twice as long as the Raptor’s bands (43 ft.). The increased training range makes the Raptor EX a more efficient choice for athletes such as sprinters, who are often interested in improving top end speed and need to run farther with a load to achieve higher resisted training velocities. 



Benefits Of VertiMax For Team Training

Now that you know the design of VertiMax, let’s go over a few of the top benefits that you get with team training.

  • Healthy Competition

One of the biggest drivers in athletes is competition; this is literally what athletes do.  By having teammates train together, it can create a healthy dose of competition which can keep the athletes motivated and push them farther and harder.  

  • Creates More Time For Training

Many will say that team drills saves time with training.  We at VertiMax have a better view point in that we think team training doesn’t save time with training, it actually CREATES more time for training.   Being able to train multiple athletes at onces means that athletes don’t need to waste time waiting nor or practice unsupervised.  Training multiple athletes means that a coach can monitor 5 athletes at once which makes him 5x more efficient.  This extra time can be used for performing more VertiMax exercises or sport skills.

  • Easy And Fast To Set Up

VertiMax is extremely easy and fast to set up and get going.  Whether you’re prepping for a warm-up, drills, or cool-down, you can rest assured you’re not going to be wasting time.  

  • Easy Transitions Of Movements And Accessories

It is extremely easy to connect and disconnect from the cords using VertiMax.  Depending on the circuit, the athletes may not even need to disconnect as they can move in multiple directions on both sides of the platform.


Plus, while VertiMax can accommodate  5 athletes, there is even the option to inject other movements that don’t require VertiMax into a circuit.  For example, you could have athletes alternate between resisted sprints with VertiMax and pushups.


Sport Specific Team Training With VertiMax


VertiMax allows general team training circuits that can benefit any athlete and leave room for more exercise options.  For example, you can make any circuit training specific to your sport.  Maybe it means specific movement patterns or even add in specific skills such as dribbling a soccer ball or a basketball to the workout routine.  .  


Here are a few team sports benefiting from using VertiMax for sport specific team training: 

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • More....




Top 5 VertiMax Circuit Training Workouts For Teams


With all of the various movements and ordering schemes, there are literally an endless amount of ways to use VertiMax with team training.  Here we will go over the 5 best circuits to use when training your intensity.


1. Agility Based Team Circuit Training 


This circuit is great for those who need to train athletes who require agility.  It will consist of five different workouts with 5 different athletes on different points of the VertiMax V8 platform.  Perform in a circular motion.   

  • Team Member 1 - Middle of Platform: Jumps with Twists

Here the athlete will jump as high as they can.  While doing so, they will rotate their hips one direction and then quickly bring them back to an aligned position.  They then immediately jump again and twist their hips to the other direction and then back.

  • Team Member 2 - Outside of Platform: Running Backwards

The athlete will run backwards as quickly as possible in a controlled manner.  Once reaching max distance, they will run back.  Note, running back is not at a full sprint but should show some “hustle.”

  • Team Member 3 - Outside of Platform: Cone Touch 

This is a change of direction drill and helps increase acceleration as well as improve agility. To perform this exercise it will require some extra cones placed in an alternating fashion down the entire length.  The athlete will run towards the cone and pass it on the OUTSIDE.  During the pass, the athlete must touch with the inner hand.  

  • Team Member 4 - Outside of Platform: Horizontal Shuffle

Simple yet effective.  Staying down in an athletic stance, the athlete will shuffle down as fast as possible without crossing their legs.  Once at the max distance, they will come back doing the same with assistance from the band. 


An alternative method is to change facing direction as the athlete makes their way down.

  • Team Member 5 - Outside of Platform: Mini Hurdles

Mini hurdles will improve feet quickness.  The athlete will simply jump over hurdles repeatedly down the entire length of the course.  


Run each drill for 1:00 with a 0:30 rest in between each exercise.


2. Leg Strength Circuit Training for the Team


Every sport requires strong legs as they are what supports the body for hours of play and propels the athlete.  Here is a great team training circuit to improve leg strength.

  • Team Member 1 - Middle of Platform: Pulse Squats

The athlete on the platform will perform pulse squats which are squats where there is no full extension at the top.  In other words, the athlete continually squats up and down with tension on their legs.  

  • Team Member 2 - Outside Platform: Forward Lunges

The lunge is a great unilateral exercise that will build overall leg strength as well as balance.  Have the athlete perform walking lunges all the way down until they hit maximum distance and then hustle back.

  • Team Member 3 - Outside Platform: Reverse Lunges

Just like lunges but in reverse.  This means the athlete will now be facing VertiMax and performing a lunge by placing their foot backwards.  Even though it’s a different movement the activation biomechanic are quite different.  Again, go all the way down and then hustle back

  • Team Member 4 & 5 - Outside Platform: Lateral Lunge

The lateral lunge will increase the legs in a movement that will mimic change of direction as well as common movements found in sports.  These movements will be different in that they are stationary and the  athletes will simply alternate the directions they move on one cord.  The athletes will face different directions at the two stations.


3. Team Circuit Training For Metabolic Conditioning


If you are just looking at cranking up the intensity on your athletes, then sometimes simplicity is best.  This circuit is going to deliver just that by just using three exercises; resisted sprints, assisted sprints, and pushups.  As mentioned above, you are going to use VertiMax with non-VertiMax exercises.  Doing so, you are going to train 8 athletes at the same time.  


For this metabolic conditioning protocol, two athletes will utilize one outside cord for the entire session.  This means that technically you could still have one more athlete using the middle platform to perform whichever movement that need i.e. squat jumps, hip twists, one legged high jump.

  • Resisted and Assisted Sprints

These athletes will have VertiMax attached and they will sprint down to max distance as far as possible.   They will wait 5 seconds and then sprint back assisted,  They will then wait 10 seconds and repeat.   They will complete 3 runs before switching.

  • Push Ups

These athletes will perform push ups for as long as they can.  When they can’t complete anymore pushups,, they will hold a solid elevated plank until the sprints are done. After each sprint session is done, the athletes will rest 1:00.


4. Circuit Training For Power Production


Explosive power is VertiMax’s specialty and this team circuit will deliver.  Each athlete will improve power production in every direction as well as using bilateral (two legs) and unilateral (one leg) power exercises.


When performing power exercises, you do not want to rush with time.  Every rep should have quality behind it.  For these, the team will rotate according to the middle platform.  They will perform 10 jumps with about 5-10 seconds of rest in between.  This means each station will last 1:00-1:40.  Remember, emphasis is put on each rep for every station.  

  • Team Member 1 - Middle of Platform: Jump Squats

Perhaps the most effective exercise there is in producing explosive power.  Jump squats are slightly different from “squat jumps” as they include an eccentric portion followed by a counter-movement.  This can be done by performing a depth jump OR the athlete can just perform a “small” jump prior to the counter-movement.  Plus it’s very simple.  With VertImax attached, the player will sink into a squat and then explode upwards as powerful as they can.  The key is to make every rep count so don’t rush these.  

  • Team Member 2 - Outside Platform: Running Long Jump

This is a unilateral jumping movement which is more specific to situations in sports.  This means the athlete will take a few steps before propelling themselves as far as they can off one foot.  Note, the athlete should only take about five steps unless there are safety measures such as mats.

  • Team Member 3 - Outside Platform: Broad Jump

The broad jump is a stationary movement that is performed using both feet.  Standing in an athletic stance, the athlete will sink into a mini squat and propel themselves as far as they can.  The athlete can also use their arms to propel themselves forward.

  • Team Member 4 & 5 - Outside Platform: Lateral Jumps

In lateral jumps, the athlete will stand perpendicular and then propel themselves sideways pushing off one leg.  Perform this movement all the way down until max distance and then come back assisted.  The only difference with the two stations is the way you are facing.


5. All-Around Team Circuit Training


This team workout is ideal for times when you want to train athletes with an all around workout that’s effective and hits all the components needed for sports performance.

This circuit will work well with a basic :40/:20 work/rest ratio.  The ratio is heavy towards the work because the movements will alternate emphasis (power, agility, strength) as well as intensity i.e. cycle lunges are high intense while ladder drills are less stressful on the muscles.

  • Team Member 1 - Middle of Platform: Cycle Lunges

Cycle lunges are an extremely tough exercise but they will increase leg strength, explosive power, and agility.  The athlete will start in a lunge position and then explosively propel themselves up and into the air.  While in the air, they will “cycle” their legs and switch positions.  

  • Team Member 2 - Outside Platform: Core Rotations/Wood Chops

These are an amazing anti-rotational movement to improve the strength and explosiveness of the core.  Have the athlete stand perpendicular to the cord from VertiMax and hold VertiMax in the hands.  Allow VertiMax to “pull” the torso towards it.  While maintaining straight arms, forcefully rotate so that the arms are now pointing away.  The key is to make sure the arms rotate with the hips.  In other words, the shoulders and hips should always be in unison.

  • Team Member 3 - Outside Platform: Bounds

The athlete will perform single legged bounds all the way down the entire distance.  This means that the athlete will jump off of one foot and land on the alternate foot and then repeatedly jump again landing on the alternate foot.  The key is once the athlete starts jumping, they don’t stop until they reach maximum distance.

  • Team Member 4 - Outside Platform: Resisted Acceleration

Resisted acceleration is similar to sprints except it focuses on the acceleration phase.  In terms of team sports, acceleration is actually more important than top speeds for the majority of situations.  This is because more often than not, players are accelerating as they alter their speed and change direction.  While top speed is definitely important for some athletes, acceleration, every athlete will benefit from improving acceleration.  One of the best ways to improve acceleration is by using resisted sprinting or acceleration.  

  • Team Member 5 - Outside Platform: Ladder Drills

As above, VertiMax can be used in conjunction with outside equipment; in this case it’s an agility ladder.  Ladder drills are an amazing and efficient exercise to improve footwork and agility.  VertiMax will add a load and create a bit of instability which will both improve the neuromuscular function of the athlete.  

How to Train 40 Athletes In Under 50 Minutes



"How do I get 30 to 40 athletes through a workout on VertiMax in under 50 minutes?" is one of the most common questions asked by coaches. This can be done quite simply by grouping three athletes together (each with their own waist belt) and training them simultaneously on one VertiMax unit.

After each set the athlete must rest 30 to 60 seconds, it is during this time that the other two athletes strap into VertiMax and perform their set. When the second and third athlete complete their set, the first athlete is ready to strap in and start the second set.

Play the video above to watch three athletes training on VertiMax using the "Buddy" system. In less than 50 seconds, all three athletes will complete a set of ten repetitions including the time it takes to strap in and out of the VertiMax unit. In less than 5 minutes, all three athletes can each perform five sets of 10 repetitions (50 repetitions per athlete) and they are done!


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