The Art Of 'VertiMax-Ing' Out

Plateaus. In sports, and in life, we all run into them. No matter how hard you train or how hard you work, eventually you'll reach a wall - unless you develop a plan for breaking through.
With VertiMax, you can make a number of changes to improve your performance at any given time. Altering the number of repetitions that you perform, or altering rest periods or increasing resistance are all options to consider, depending on your goals.

One way to anticipate plateaus and effectively break through them is to monitor yourself. What does that mean? Track your workouts and track your corresponding performance times and measures. You may feel physical manifestations of a workout coming up short, but if not, your numbers could indicate if you're getting diminishing returns on them in much clearer terms.

Write everything down, alter your plan every six to eight weeks, and continue shattering the walls of your goals. That's called VertiMax-ing out!