The First Annual VertiMax Summit

December 1, 2018



TAMPA, FL – The first ever VertiMax Summit was hosted at the VertiMax Global Headquarters in Tampa, Fl on December 2, 2018. This new event will be a refreshing tradition to the sports performance and fitness space for years to come. With over 50 attendees and representing 16 different states and a team from Panama, the event was a great success.

One Vision. One Mission. One Community. Was this year’s theme. As the team at VertiMax shared their values, mission and future objectives, they extended their hands to the community to share their pursuit of changing lives through human performance.

The day included three workouts presented by the VertiMax Master Trainer team. Speed Training focused on linear speed technique and force application starting with body positioning and lower leg stiffness to aid in force application in vertical propulsive forces. RaptorFit was a functional training workout designed to help you introduce training principles by focusing on teaching clients to move in three planes of motion over short, medium and long distances. Injury Prevention implemented a dynamic warm-up for athletes and individuals to prepare for training.  

The Summit also included two world renowned key note speakers. Coach Micah Kurtz, one of the top high school strength coaches in America and named the National Strength Coach of the Year by the NSCA in 2016, spoke on Past, Present & Future of High School Strength & Conditioning. Rick Mayo, founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training, presented information on How To Build A Profitable Adult Fitness Program.

To wrap up the day, a Sports Performance Panel of 9 elite trainers and facility owners answered questions and collaborated with the attendees. This panel included from West Coast to East Coast, Sean Pena, Clarence Howard, Kerry Bennett, Jeremy Hills, Steve Leo, Vinny Scollo, Chris Gorres, Will Hitzelberger and Yo Murphy.

The Sports Performance and Fitness community is eagerly looking to attend educational opportunities where networking, relationship building and improving their professional skills is offered. With the mission of improving human performance, the team at VertiMax is committed to bringing these opportunities to the industry.

“The most exciting part about the VertiMax Summit was sharing knowledge and experiences with trainers, coaches, parents and athletes that have the same vision and passion for sports and fitness. It was a day filled with high energy, enthusiasm, and lots of growth.” says Jessie Ehren, International Education Coordinator for VertiMax.

VertiMax Summit attendee stated

“I enjoyed the Summit immensely. All of the speakers gave valuable information that I will be able to bring home and utilize within the framework of our business. The workouts were filled with insightful information as you listened to the Master Trainers coach the techniques. I learned a lot from the other participants that I met at the summit and left with a lot of good resources for the future.”

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VertiMax wants to individually thank everyone that helped make this first Summit one to remember! Next year’s date has already been set for December 7th, 2019. Location to be determined, so stay tuned!


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