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5 Step Guide to Building and Optimizing A Sports Performance Facility

It’s become a big box gym norm now to add in some sort of niche to their facility. This could be a pilates room, spin class, small group training, or the big favorite, adding in turf and a functional area.

The issue becomes the building up and optimizing of this said niche in your facility. The even bigger issue becomes when either you realize that this isn’t something your members wanted, or even worse, it is, but you’re no good at it.

The studio segment is the fastest growing segment in the fitness industry at the moment, and in all honesty, for good reason. They sell solutions, not memberships.

When you walk into a studio, your goals, your name, even what you do on the weekend is important to them. Members have the ability to see focused results instead of being a number in a sea of other people on a treadmill and cardio equipment.

The reality of it is, unless you are an organization that is being backed by these big financial companies, or you already dominate market share with your model, you need to come to terms with the fact that you have to bring something new or unique to consumers, just so you can be relevant.

And the key to that is building and optimizing a niche inside of your facility.

Today we wanted to focus on a big underlying challenge that all of you face as facility operators, which frankly is just not being given enough attention across the industry in order for your brand to be successful.

And that challenge, is how do you keep your brand and your clubs relevant in such a saturated market place where consumers have endless options in choosing a health club today?

In today’s presentation, we built a 5 step system to guide you to successfully implementing and optimizing a niche inside your facility.


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