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Tips For Winning The NCAA Baseball World Series

College baseball players must undergo extensive training to qualify for the NCAA Baseball World Series. See how the teams in the College World Series developed their skills to win the championship.  

Tips For Winning The World Series

How Defense Wins Championships

In most sports, a good defense is a good offense, and baseball is mostly the same. If you prevent the other team from scoring runs, you increase your chances of winning; it’s pretty straightforward. However, we can take this one step further in baseball by looking at something called LOB, or runners Left On Base. 

When a team has a high LOB, it means they often leave runs on the field, which is not helpful. Those are runs that could have scored. As a result, we often attribute a higher LOB to an unsuccessful offense. In reality, we can attribute LOB to the opposing team's solid defense. 

It’s not as easy to measure unless you look at the statistics game by game. However, teams with statistically better defenses often bolster the opposing team's high LOB percentage.

In other words, if you have a killer defensive field, you’ll have a greater chance of winning.

  • Training For Better Defense On The Field

Practice makes progress, so field practice and drills are so common in baseball. Most players do defensive training (e.g., fielding drills). So, if you’re looking to improve defensively, there’s a good chance you’ll be training with your team on the baseball diamond.

You’ve seen or done them at some point in your career. We can give hundreds of examples here, like double-play drills, fly ball drills, catcher overthrow drills, ground ball drills, and more.

But there’s a way to make these drills more impactful, and you can enhance them with equipment during field practice.

  • Using VertiMax To Build A Better Defense

People often think of baseball as a slow sport because once the action stops, it stops. But we know that’s not how it works. Baseball is a game of patience, timing, coordination, and explosiveness. It’s generally an all-or-nothing game as soon as the action starts, so it's highly athletic and requires extreme versatility.

That’s why VertiMax goes so well with baseball training. VertiMax is the most versatile piece of training equipment on the market, and you can use it offensively or defensively. However, in this article, we’ll highlight ways you can add VertiMax to practice and improve your baseball defense.

1. Fielding Ground Balls

Fielding a ground ball is about reaction time, coordination, and agility. You need to move fast, get low, and think about the next step when the ball hits your glove. With VertiMax, we can facilitate faster and more explosive approaches to ground balls, as this baseball athlete demonstrates in this Instagram video.




We can also enhance the throwing effect by putting more resistance through the body as an athlete attempts to field and throw the ball. This baseball athlete shows that perfectly.


2. Catchers Throwing Out Runners

If you’re a catcher and need to pop off the ground to deliver a high-speed throw to second base to catch a runner, then you need VertiMax. Look at the explosiveness of this athlete from the ready stance to his throw. That leap up and step forward requires speed and power, and VertiMax simply enhances that training effect.


Similarly, we can put a catcher in a more defensive stance (e.g., when trying to stop a wild pitch) and train them that way, as this post of an athlete shows.


3. Outfielders Need VertiMax Too

Outfielders do more running than most of the in-field because the outfield is so much bigger. Thus, most outfielders are pretty darn quick. 

As shown on our YouTube channel, you can use VertiMax to train sprint mechanics and speed.



4. Don’t Forget Pitchers

Pitching is easily the most essential defense in baseball, which is why so much money goes toward pitching staff, training, and coaching. 

You could use VertiMax to improve pitching mechanics in many ways, but this is a neat variation worth showcasing.

Watch these pitchers stabilize their back legs and trunk under load in this post-practice post-practice as they prepare to throw. 



Build A Better Defense

If you need to improve your defense on the field, there’s no better way to do it than with VertiMax. There are hundreds of configurations to help improve groundwork, pitching, catching, fielding, running, and everything in between. 

Players can use VertiMax for any specific baseball position training because of the versatility. 

Don’t just practice your drills. Progress your defensive skills! 


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