vertimax pre certification training

VertiMax Pre-Certification Video Course

VertiMax Pre-Certification Video Course

The following 8 videos are a sequential compilation of a complete VertiMax Instruction Seminar delivered to Strength & Conditioning coaches at the National Fitness Center in Knoxville, TN. To gain a fundamental understanding of why VertiMax technology delivers superior explosive power development and how to utilize it effectively with athletes, watch the 8 videos below in sequence. Coaches and athletes will learn how to perform the primary vertical jump and on & off platform speed training drills for both youth and adult athletes. Each drill will be accompanied by discussions about proper technique and the do's and don'ts of VertiMax training.

Upon completing the last video you will have the knowledge and confidence to utilize VertiMax safely and effectively on athletes of all ages.

VertiMax Training Theory 1 of 7



training theory - This important video explains the concept behind the VertiMax training technology and why it is important to understand the difference between strength and power as well as the importance of Rate of Force Development. Once these concepts are understood, why VertiMax training is so effective at developing explosive power will make perfect sense to Coaches, Pro Trainers, Parents and athletes.

V8 Introduction For Beginners 2 of 7



Animated V8 Introduction For Beginners - This animated VertiMax V8
introduction will quickly help anyone become familiar with and understand how the V8 system works. We highly recommend everyone to view this short, informative introduction to facilitate understanding how our world class sports performance system will develop superior athletes in any sport.

VertiMax V8 Functional Overview 3 of 7



VertiMax V8 Functional Overview - This video provides a complete functional overview of the V8 system. After watching it the viewer will have a thorough understanding of how to set resistance levels on all eight bands and how to re-configure the system to accommodate sports specific training.

Basic VertiMax Jump Training Tips for First Time Users 4 of 7



Basic VertiMax Jump Training Tips for First Time Users - This video shows first time users the proper jumping and landing technique to use on VertiMax. It also reviews common errors with landing technique, jumping rhythm and improper knee position (pronation), a common issue with female athletes.

Introducing Arm Loading to Vertical Jump Training 5 of 7



Introducing Arm Loading to Vertical Jump Training - This video informs coaches and athletes how to introduce arm loading with VertiMax for the first time. Prior to using arm loading the athlete should be accustom to training with waist with waist loading and jumping properly using leg loading only before attempting to use arm loading. Arm loading is also recommended for athletes 14 years old and older.

On-Platform Hip Flexor Training 6 of 7



On Platform Hip Flexor Training - This video will walk coaches and athletes through the VertiMax On-Platform Hip Flexor Training configurations for speed and first step quickness development.

Off-Platform Speed Training 7 of 7



Off Platform Speed Training - This video will detail the Off Platform speed training configurations of the V8 system and review training specifics for lateral, linear, back pedal and quick step speed training. Coaching tips for these speed training exercises will be provided during the demonstrations to help coaches and athletes benefit from the revolutionary speed training concepts the V8 system offers.

The Importance of Unloaded Contrast Sets After Each Exercise



Importance of Unloaded Contrast Sets After Each Exercise - This video explains the importance of conducting high speed Contrast sets (with no resistance) after each specific VertiMax drill to engage in over speed training.

VertiMax Unit Care & Maintenance



This video will review the proper technique for safely detaching and releasing resistance bands when utilizing VertiMax. Spatial limitations when training athletes on and off-platform simultaneously will also be discussed along with fact that athletes must stay on the platform training mat when using bands 1, 2, 3 and 4 which exit the pivoting tracking system.

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