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Transformation Journey: Elite Sports Trainer To VertiMax Master Trainer

Will Hitzelberger, as the Founder and President of SPECTRUM, has made significant strides in sports performance training, particularly in soccer. His utilization of VertiMax sports performance training equipment has been pivotal in enhancing the abilities of professional soccer athletes, focusing on speed, acceleration, vertical jump, and strength. 

Hitzelberger is a VertiMax ambassador, and has been a Certified VertiMax Master Trainer and Presenter, for many years.

About VertiMax Master Trainers 

The VertiMax Master Trainer Certification Program is a select group of expert trainers who help develop and guide the foundational VertiMax certification program. Hitzelberger is one of several master trainers,, including Vincent Scola, Don Murphy, Steve Leo, Chris Gorres, and others. 

The program aims to revolutionize training with a focus on foundational movements and stretching techniques. It's designed to extend knowledge about VertiMax's unique training modality, emphasizing its lasting impact and versatility in enhancing performance and injury prevention. The program represents an opportunity to expand the VertiMax community, ensuring effective product use and maximizing training results for athletes and clients.


VertiMax Certification

VertiMax offers education through in-person certification training courses and digital workshops. The VertiMax Training Certification Course provides the knowledge, skills, and coaching knowledge to safely and effectively use the product line while training clients and athletes in universal training. 


Will Hitzelberger's Background

His approach at SPECTRUM integrates nutrition, rehabilitation from injury, education, and massage, offering a comprehensive and holistic training regimen. Hitzelberger's notable achievements include coaching top soccer players and serving as a High-Performance Coach for the Jamaica Women’s Soccer Team in World Cup qualifiers.

Hitzelberger has redefined soccer training with innovative techniques. His work with top-tier players like Alex Morgan exemplifies his expertise in elevating soccer skills to an elite level.

​​Hitzelberger incorporated VertiMax into his training methods over a decade ago, initially using it with volleyball and soccer teams. He found Vertimax's Raptors aligned well with his training approach, allowing for seamless integration into various training stages, from warm-ups to plyometrics. The equipment enables him to apply resistance in training while maintaining an observational role, enhancing coaching efficiency. 


Why VertiMax V8 and Raptor Advanced Training Solutions

The VertiMax V8 system and Raptor are advanced training tools used by Hitzelberger in his training regimen. The V8 system features eight adjustable load resistance bands, allowing athletes to train multiple body locations simultaneously, optimizing sport-specific performance development. It focuses on light-load, high-speed training for rapid force production and explosive power. 

The VertiMax Raptor, portable and versatile, supports on-the-go training, providing resistance up to 45 yards. These tools are crucial in developing speed, strength, and explosive power, enhancing athletes' performance in various sports, including soccer.

Hitzelberger often recommends Raptors for coaches of all athletes, highlighting their adaptability across age groups and sports due to adjustable resistance levels, which enhance movements like linear marches without altering mechanics. This flexibility led him to prefer Raptors over traditional resistance bands, appreciating their capacity for multi-directional movement and effective resistance.


Acceleration, Power, And Speed Training Drills

Hitzelberger's holistic training methodology integrates the advanced VertiMax Raptor equipment into his training regimen. His favorite drills involve the VertiMax Raptor, which he uses to enhance multi-directional movement, a key component in soccer. These drills vary from linear speed work to lateral and rotational movements, covering all aspects of a soccer player's needs on the field. The flexibility of the Raptor allows it to be incorporated in different phases of training, from warm-ups to high-intensity exercises.

The Raptor is instrumental in developing linear acceleration, a crucial aspect for soccer players. He emphasizes the importance of wall drills, where athletes work against resistance, maintaining a 45-degree angle to improve their ground contact efficiency. The drills progress from simple marches to more dynamic movements, ensuring players develop explosive power and speed.


Favorite Raptor Drills for Soccer

1. Lateral Progression Drills


2. Speed Drills


Hitzelberger's impact with athletes in many sports performance training fields and soccer is evident in the improved performance of his athletes. By combining the VertiMax advanced training equipment with a well-rounded training philosophy, he has set a new standard in soccer performance training. His methods have proven successful at the highest levels of the sport, offering a blueprint for soccer training excellence. His comprehensive approach to training, which includes a strong emphasis on physical, nutritional, and recovery aspects, has not only benefited top athletes like Alex Morgan but also set a new standard in sports performance training.


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