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VertiMax Baseball Drills

VertiMax is a superior speed training tool because it allows resisted sprinting with a smooth and continuous resistance. Further, VertiMax has options to allow up to 45 yards of cord to allow for extended running intervals! This will enable players to run well past the 90 ft in between bases!

VertiMax can be used for any specific baseball position training due to it’s versatility. Improvement can be made for catchers, pitchers, batters, outfielders and infielders.  

VertiMax Baseball Speed And Agility Training Drills

How do you steal more bases? By using the resisted training provide by VertiMax to increase your speed! In reality, baseball players need speed for a lot more movements than just running the bases (although this is the longest they run). As mentioned, if a baseball player moves, it is a full-on sprint; even if it’s just for a couple of seconds. This makes speed training, specifically the take-off, is vital for baseball players. 

Resisted sprinting has been one of the most commonly used methods to increase acceleration and top sprinting speeds. It’s effectiveness comes from allowing the same biomechanics to be used to sprint against a much higher resistant force. This improves the lower body’s neuromuscular system and power output to propel the body faster than ever before. 

Still, VertiMax can be attached to a baseball athlete’s hands to improve arm drive, which is vital for take-off and acceleration, which was very difficult to do without it. The arm pump is one of the most essential parts when taking off as it is acting to counterbalance the body and help drive it forward. Being that the sprints of baseball players are relatively short, sometimes just a few steps, they must be able to produce excessive force with their arms.

Here’s another video to see speed training in action here.

VertiMax can also be used to increase the agility of fielders so they can get in position to field a ball.  Agility is improved in very much the same was as speed by improving the efficiency of the neuromuscular system to produce greater force output in less time.  This is done most effectively by using a load and focusing on increasing the speed of footwork..

VertiMax Drills to Increase Pitching Velocity 

Similar to the batting swing, a pitch is a complicated movement with many different factors that work together to generate the high levels of torque needed to propel the ball. Some of these movements are:

  • Forward push with the back leg
  • Forward drive with the forward leg
  • Internal rotation of the shoulder
  • Hip rotation

VertiMax can increase the power output of every one of these movements individually or collectively in one full motion.  

  • By attaching Vertimax to the waist and legs, the pitcher is able to increase the force output of their entire body and legs to help improve the total pitching velocity. 
  • By attaching VertiMax to the arms, the pitcher can train the shoulder muscles to produce more force with internal rotation of the shoulder and extension of the elbow. 
  • By attaching VertiMax to the waist, they learn to produce extremely powerful hip rotation.

In the past, this type of specific training was inefficient at best as no piece of equipment existed that allowed athletes to move naturally.  VertiMax is the first piece of baseball equipment that allows a baseball pitcher to add a load to the muscles during the actual pitching motion. 

Better yet, pitchers don’t even need a ball to practice!  The athlete can simply train the motion under a load to attain the same level of training stimulus.  This also means that VertiMax can be used efficiently for pitching training at home!  This fact alone revolutionizes the effectiveness of VertiMax for baseball training.

VertiMax Drills For Baseball Catchers

VertiMax can be used for specific baseball position training due to it’s versatility. Perhaps the most unique position is the catcher who has arguably the most exciting position in baseball. Like pitchers, they are involved in every single pitch of the game and need to be ready for anything. Specifically, there are a few unique plays that require special attention from catchers.  

  1. The Get-Up: There are numerous times in a game where a catcher must be able to go from either crouching or kneeling to a standing position immediately. This can include throwing for a stolen base, chasing a bunt, or running down a foul ball. This movement requires explosive power in the lower body to propel the pitcher to the ready position. 
  2. Blocking Bad Pitches: Catchers need to be quick. Very quick. Ideally, the pitcher will throw the ball into the agreed-upon position perfectly every time. However, this doesn’t always happen. The ball can get away from the pitcher, a miscommunication in signs, or the batter tips the ball. Regardless, the catcher must be able to move in any direction quickly.
  3. Throwing From The Knees: Catchers will throw from their knees more so than any other player. This means that they must be able to generate extra force with their upper body alone.  They added resistance provided by VertiMax is extremely beneficial for this as it can improve the throwing strength of the arm alone.  

Watch this awesome video of one of our younger athletes work through a series of catcher specific exercises.  She’s awesome!

VertiMax Baseball Drills To Decrease Overuse Injuries

Baseball players are prone to injuries in the joints due to the repetitive nature of their movements. The plays that are performed in baseball are quite limited, with two of the main movements practiced simply being hitting and throwing. These movements can be repeated hundreds of times during a regular day of practice putting a lot of stress on the shoulder and elbow joints. This means you need a piece of equipment that is versatile enough to increase power production AND strengthen the joint and musculature to keep you healthy and in the game. 

Along with power exercises, VertiMax can help strengthen the entire shoulder complex and joint capsules. Here are 4 of the best exercises to perform with VertiMax to strengthen the rotator cuff for injury prevention in baseball

  1. Sidelying external rotation- Lay on the ground or bench with your body facing VertiMax. Place your top arm on top of your body and bend the elbow to 90 degrees so that your hand is facing away from your body. Grab VertiMax and rotate your arm so that your arm is now vertical.
  2. Lateral raise- Stand in the middle of VertiMax and grab a cord that is on the opposite side. This is to create a larger range of motion. Now drive your arm up, keeping a slight bend in your elbow. 
  3. Kneeling shoulder internal rotation (arm up at 90 degree angle)- Kneel and face away from VertiMax. Grab VertiMax with one hand. Raise your arm out to the side so that with your arm bent at 90 degrees. Your upper arm should be parallel with the ground and your lower arm and hand vertical, similar to your pitching position before release. Keeping your upper arm parallel to the ground drives your hand downwards until it faces straight ahead. You can also face towards VertiMax and perform the same movement in the opposite direction to train external rotation.
  4. Swimmers (shoulder extension)- Face VertiMax and hold a cord in each hand. Bend      over and let your arms extend straight out. Drive your arms downwards, keeping them straight.

Perform these exercises with 3 sets of 15-20 reps to build some bulletproof rotator cuffs with VertiMax

Train Like The Pros With VertiMax

Also check out the VertiMax Baseball Footwork Drills.  This is just a taste of how VertiMax can improve your performance playing baseball. The possibilities of training are virtually endless. Check out the VertiMax baseball page or Instagram for even more ideas and see VertiMax in action. This is one of the rare opportunities that players at every level can use the same equipment that the pros use every day. If you are serious about baseball you need serious equipment.  You need VertiMax

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