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VertiMax Raptor is the Ultimate Pro Football Training Equipment

The VertiMax Raptor is quickly being adopted by professional and elite football players everywhere as the ultimate football training equipment. Already on board are NFL teams, Division 1 universities, EXOS, Michael Johnson Performance, Proactive Sports Performance and Olympic athletes just to name a few.  See why these Houston Texas area professional teams and companies think the VertiMax Raptor is the ultimate football training equipment to have to maximize football player development.  

Houston Texans S&C Coach Talks Raptors



Why The VertiMax Raptor is the Ultimate Football Training Equipment for Pro Teams and Performance Coaches 



Houston Texans, the team featured on Hard Knocks, use VertiMax in their weight room but Raptors can be attached to racks, fences, walls and just about any object in the weight room. Raptors are superior to traditional bungee cords. The video below will demonstrate the latest training utilizing the portable Raptor and Raptor EX (extended range 45 yards) resistance training systems.

NFL Pro Teams Using the VertiMax Raptor for Football Training 

Most of the athletes in videos below are NFL players utilizing the Raptor resistance system just prior to reporting to preseason training camps. The Raptors will allow coaches to apply consistent horizontal loads to every movement in open field or in agility drills. This is a huge benefit over traditional resistance bands and bungee cords. Raptors will improve the training efficiency for strength, endurance and agility conditioning. This new technology opens up a complete new training dimension for both high end performance enhancement as well as rehab applications to expedite an athlete’s return to game day competition.

Speed Rush Drill – Linebacker and Defensive End



Back Pedal & Break Drill - Defensive Back & Linebacker



The Raptors featured in most of these videos and used by the Houston Texans are the blue cord (5/16”) Raptor and red cord (1/4”) Raptor. These are our most applicable Raptors for Football training.

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