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VertiMax Tennis Drills and Exercises to Improve Your Game

VertiMax equipment is unique for tennis because it creates a smooth and consistent resistance in every direction. Tennis professionals, enthusiasts and athletes can perform a tremendous variety of tennis drills and exercises in any plane of motion and practice actual tennis movements on the VertiMax.

VertiMax Tennis Training

Tennis training includes a variety of strength and conditioning exercises to improve the different fitness variables that a tennis player needs; strength, power, speed, and agility. Let's look at some actual strength training exercises that a tennis player needs.


Tennis Strength And Conditioning Exercises

1. Warm-Up - A proper warm-up can have significant effects on the quality of your tennis training. With VertiMax, athletes can use their dynamic stretches with added tension, increasing the muscle activation and preparing the muscle for the upcoming training. The effectiveness of VertiMax during the warm-up is one reason that USTA (United States Tennis Association) chooses to use VertiMax with all of their athletes. Check out this video to see how USTA uses VertiMax with their athletes.

2. Vertical Jumping - Vertical jumping is the easiest tennis exercise to increase power in the lower body. Vertical jump training will improve the neuromuscular system which will increase the power production of the lower body. Not only does this mean a tennis player will be able to jump higher, the increased power production will transfer to many other skills a tennis player needs for success like sprinting and agility.

3. Agility Ladders - One step, fast feet, major hops….we can amplify any drill with agility ladders using the VertiMax training equipment. Attaching the waistband instantly increases the intensity and effectiveness by demanding higher force production for explosive movements. Give the athletes a tennis racket and have them return a ball at the end of the ladder drill to add a tennis specificity component to this exercise. This is one reason Ashlyn, a former D1 commit from St. Mary’s, loves using the VertiMax training system in her tennis training. Check her out in action!


Tennis Resisted Sprint and Acceleration Drills

Tennis athletes don’t need to run far, but they need to be fast when they do. This makes the acceleration phase of sprinting performance absolutely vital for tennis players. Resisted sprinting has been found to improve this aspect of sprinting as it improves force production in the muscles of the hips and knees during the actual movement. This is going to enhance the velocity of a tennis athlete who needs to move in any direction. Whether it’s chasing a ball across the court or charging the net, VertiMax will create the explosive speed they need to get there. VertiMax creates faster and quicker athletes.

Tennis Plyometric And Ballistic Exercises For Upper And Lower Body

Plyometrics has long been known to be one of the most effective ways to increase the neuromuscular system for improved power and control. VertiMax improves on plyometrics in two ways:

  • Removes the dangerous need to hold an implement to add resistance for lower body plyometrics, such as in weighted squat jumps.
  • Allows unrestricted movement up to 30m for activities such as hops, bounds, and skips

Plyometrics are a vital component of tennis training as they produce the most often seen power in actual tennis play.

Plyometric Tennis Drills

1. Lateral Ball Toss- A great exercise to increase power production of the core in a similar motion that mimics a tennis swing

2. Depth Jumps- Increase the feet’ eccentric strength and reaction time to create the lower body’s maximal power. Can also help the landing mechanics of a jump to help prevent injuries 

3. Lateral Bounds (Jumping Side-to-Side On One Foot)- This highly effective drill will improve tennis players’ ability to respond to action anywhere on the court.


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Tennis HIIT Drills With VertiMax

HIIT is one of the most effective ways to improve an athlete's VO2max. Period. By adding VertiMax to your favorite HIIT exercises, you can increase the intensity even more.  Some of the best HIIT movements which can be enhanced with VertiMax

1. Sprint Repeats

2. High Knees

3. Burpees

4. Knee tuck jumps

Pro-Tip: In tennis, intervals of play will usually have a work to rest ratio ranging from 1:3 to 1:5 so use these training intervals to mimic actual playing conditions.

More VertiMax Tennis Drills

Tennis drills mimic actual play while focusing on a single component. Using the VertiMax system can add resistance from multiple angles to provide a stimulus that cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s just a couple examples.

1. Work On Returns (Forehand, Backhand, and Overhead)

This foundational drill can be amplified with the use of VertiMax. With the use of a waistband attachment, tennis athletes can improve their energy production, balance, and agility while having to move to the tennis ball. Adding a wrist attachment can provide resistance throughout a full, natural swing. This will improve power throughout their entire motion, strengthening the muscles with the same biomechanics of a full swing. VertiMax is so versatile that you can perform any swing with it as movement is uninterrupted; forehand, backhand, overhead…whatever the game needs. Check out this tennis athlete in Italy doing just that!

2. Charge The Net And Volley

Using VertiMax to charge the net and volley will significantly increase a tennis athletes’ “net game”. Playing at the net requires high levels of agility to return the ball efficiently. The added resistance provided by VertiMax is going to challenge the muscles to fire faster and more efficiently. Tennis athletes can work up and down the entire length of the net as VertiMax provides 45 yards of uninterrupted movement.

VertiMax Tennis Injury Prevention and Recovery 

Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylalgia, the fancy term for “tennis elbow”, is a common overuse injury of a tendon on the elbows. Weaknesses in three primary muscle groups are major contributors to tennis elbow. Strengthening these three muscle groups is vital to prevent tennis elbow from occurring.

1. The forearm extensors- Weak forearm extensors are the major cause of tennis elbow as their tendon insertion point on the elbow causes the pain.  

2. The shoulder complex- Weak shoulders create a weak base to swing from that places the arm in a position that requires the lower arm to overcompensate

3. The trapezius (traps) muscles- Developing research has shown that weak trapezius muscles are a major contributing factor to elbow pain and strengthening these muscles can eliminate pain or prevent pain

Top Tennis Exercises To Strengthen The Elbow  
  • Reverse flies - A very effective movement to strengthen the trapezius muscles of the back. (Bonus: It also mimics a backhand stroke!)
  • Reverse Wrist Curls and Reverse Curls - Some of the best exercises to strengthen the forearm extensors
  • Front and Lateral Raises - Hits the shoulder complex from multiple angles with these raises

Knee Pain

The high ground forces and impact forces seen during a match can cause knee pain in tennis. It is important to have strong muscles surrounding the knee and the muscles responsible for hip and glute stability, specifically the gluteus medius.

Top Tennis Exercises To Strengthen The Knee
  • Squat
  • Drop lunges
  • Standing leg curls
  • Jumps
  • Skips

VertiMax improves arm swing velocity and lower extremity agility and power.  It's easy to understand why Maria Sharapova's strength coach, Ken Matsuda, is such a fan. In addition to tennis professionals, all tennis players can perform actual tennis movements on the VertiMax. Sprint across the baseline for a backhand return, sprint forward for a short return, and much more.

You'll improve first-step quickness, hitting power, offensive and defensive play making abilities, and durability for injury prevention.. If you're serious about tennis, get serious about VertiMax and get the VertiMax app for more drills!



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