Vive Episode 06 Chris Gorres — Coaching the Best Professional Athletes

Chris Gorres


Personal training needs to be personalized.


Chris Gorres is well-known as one of the smartest and best trainers. Chris has always had a passion for fitness, and was a high school and collegiate athlete in his youth. Today, he is the Lead Trainer and COO at Onyx Elite, and he works with some of the top athletes in the world and helps good athletes become great. On this episode hosted by Ned Arick, Chris and Ned are at the Winter Performance Camp by Onyx, a training camp specifically for professional and aspiring soccer players. Chris shares more about the training camp — who it caters to, some of the activities and structure of the training, and what a typical day looks like. In this interview, Ned and Chris discuss what drives him, and what it's like to train the elite of the elite athletes. They also cover a whole gamut of topics including training for speed, power, strength, injury prevention, nutrition, sleep, functional training, and rehab. Chris also reveals some of his secrets to running a successful business in the industry — at the end of the day, it’s not about the programs you have, but the relationships you build and catering to the needs of each individual client. Tune in to find out more!

Powerful Quote:

"We've got to get away from training spreadsheets, and train people again." - Chris Gorres

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Chris Gorres introduces himself and how he got where he is today. [14:35] Chris talks about the difference between speed work and conditioning. [16:37] Chris and Ned discuss the differences in the programming during the camp vs the rest of Chris' business that cater to regular athletes. [18:39] Chris explains why he doesn't focus on the exercises themselves, but rather the results they're supposed to produce. [22:28] Strength training is an important part of sports training, but it needs to cater to each individual athlete. [25:55] Personal training needs to be personalized. [29:04] Chris shares how as a coach, it's our job is not to debate what works and what doesn't — it's to create a better athlete. [35:12] Chris and Ned talk about important it is to connect with people in this business. [36:39] Chris shares some insights for coaches just getting started, how can you create and build those connections. [44:06] Chris shares why he decided to work with older athletes. [45:09] You should know why you're getting into the business, and knowing yourself will help you identify the kind of clients who want to work with you. [48:22] Chris shares what he most excited about in the next six months.

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