Vive Episode 09 Jay Hyber and Brett Kuehn — Insights into NHSSCA



A resource for high school strength training coaches

Jay Hyber and Brett Kuehn are Business Development Consultants with VertiMax. Jay is the Business Development Consultant for the Midwestern region and in his 5 years with VertiMax has met up with a lot of coaches in the areas he serves. Brett serves the East Coast in his capacity, and apart from attending events and meeting coaches in his area, he also writes articles to share information he has learned. Both Jay and Brett attend regional and national events, dive into their communities and focus on getting an understanding of the current topics — what's important to coaches, the issues they're facing and new strategies they're implementing.

On this episode hosted by Al Marez, Jay and Brett share an insider’s look into the NHSSCA (National High School Strength and Conditioning Association), an organization designed as a resource for high school coaches. They explain more about the NHSSCA’s goals and mission, and how it serves high school coaches.

If you are a high school strength coach or a sport coach who is in charge of your school's strength program, check out the NHSSCA. Jay and Brett dive into the key benefits that coaches get from being a part of this organization, as well as some of the major takeaways from attending regional events hosted by NHSSCA and the National Convention. Tune in to find out more about what to expect from the NHSSCA in the coming years.

Powerful Quote:

"NHSSCA is a platform really more than any other that's providing education for [strength coaching]." — Jay

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Jay Hyber and Brett Kuehn. [1:51] Jay and Brett talk about their roles at VertiMax. [5:20] The guys discuss what the NHSSCA is and what purpose it serves. [9:15] Jay shares some of the things he has observed in the few years he has been with the NHSSCA, and what his thoughts are for the future [12:44] Brett and Jay discuss some of the benefits coaches can get from being a part of the NHSSCA.

[14:51] NHSSCA organizes regional events that lead up to the national event. Brett and Jay talk about what you can expect from these events. [17:29] Brett and Jay go over a few of the biggest takeaways coaches get from attending NHSSCA events. [19:09] The guys share what the relationship with NHSSCA has been like as one of the vendor partners. [21:41] A few things on the horizon for NHSSCA.



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