Vive Episode 13 Jordan O’Brien — A Light in the Soccer World



The inspirational journey of a female soccer player to success.

Jordan O'Brien is a professional soccer player, and a soccer guru. After a very successful stint playing college soccer for the University of Tulsa, Jordan went on to become the first female soccer player in a male-dominated team in the US Tango League. She has won multiple accolades for her athletic and sporting prowess and is an inspiration to everyone, both within the soccer world and in general.

On this episode hosted by Cameron Lynch, four-year NFL vet, Jordan shares her journey from playing soccer alongside her brother, who motivated and pushed her to strive for more, to becoming an “assist monster” in her position as center midfielder. She reveals how she has harnessed her advertising background to create a brand for herself, and her strategies for dealing with coaches and people not liking her, her style of play and what she stands for. She also has some tips for soccer players looking to improve their game, and some inspirational messages for kids. Tune in to find out more.

Powerful Quote:

"Know yourself. That's one of the main things, is know yourself and know what you're putting out there and know who you are." — Jordan O'Brien

Highlighted key topics discussed:

[1:36] Jordan O'Brien shares what the Tango League is and how she got involved. [2:59] Jordan was the first female in a male-dominated soccer team in the US. [4:25] Jordan shares some of her biggest inspirations growing up. [7:08] Jordan explains what pushed her to become an "assist monster". [8:30] Jordan shares more about her professional journey after college. [9:53] How is Jordan using her advertising background in her career today? [12:20] Jordan goes into her experience pushing through the challenges of people not liking her. [15:01] What is Jordan's advice for athletes to sharpen their skills in soccer? [16:50] What are some key things that center midfielders in soccer have to do to be successful on the pitch? [18:51] Jordan shares her mindset growing up and training that got her to an elite level. [20:09] How did Jordan set herself apart from other players at her level? [22:48] Jordan hopes to start a non-profit some day. What's her direction for that? [24:42] Jordan's message to kids [26:24] Jordan describes her experience with OpenGoal. [29:41] Cam shares his biggest takeaway from his conversation with Jordan. [30:23] Jordan shares a final message to kids listening.



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