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Why VertiMax Is the Best Baseball Training Equipment

VertiMax baseball training equipment allows athletes to train on the baseball field, in a practice facility or train at home. VertiMax allows baseball players to develop speed, agility and explosive power to improve performance for pitchers, batters, catchers, base runners, fielders, or any position.

Equipment options used to be limited for baseball, but now there are many varieties of practice gear and training aids available. Some equipment works to only develop skills in only one area.  So, how do you decide which baseball training equipment is best for you and your team? In this post, we’ll discuss the top reasons VertiMax equipment should be used in your baseball training program. Let’s dive in.


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Why VertiMax Baseball Training Equipment?

The VertiMax revolutionary patented technology allows any baseball player to use the VertiMax consistent resistance to improve their particular position. VertiMax Platforms and Raptors have advanced resistance technology that allows athletes of all ages to train in the horizontal plane with loads on specific areas of the body that result in extraordinary athletic performance improvements in baseball. Here are a few things coaches and athletes love about VertiMax baseball training equipment:

  • Smooth and reliable resistance. One of the fastest ways to injure top players is to force them to stabilize against inconsistent resistance bands.  The more you stretch traditional bands, the greater the resistance increases. A baseball player loaded with a traditional band will only be able to train so far until their form breaks down. When form breaks down the player is wasting energy, more prone to injury, and causes bad habits to develop which can diminish athletic performance. Fortunately, VertiMax technology limits this risk by eliminating the potential for radical increases in resistance. VertiMax equipment provides consistent, smooth resistance that allows players to train harder and safer over distances related to athletes normal range of play.
  • Train across long distances with multiple drills. The VertiMax patented technology allows resistance to remain consistent as the bands are stretched up to 45 yards, depending on the type of Platform or Raptor. By allowing players to load resistance bands over ranges of distance, VertiMax equipment facilitates more streamlined training. With these solutions, players can complete more consecutive uninterrupted reps for any given mobility drill. Drills can be performed loading resistance on legs, waist, arms while practicing the natural motion of play like in batting, pitching, catching or running.
  • Train multiple athletes simultaneously. VertiMax Raptors and Platforms make it possible to train many baseball players at the same time. This allows coaches to be as efficient as possible when coaching their team. 
  • Ability to load at high speeds. With the VertiMax resistance system, players can go harder and hit the highest resistance training velocities possible during each training drill they participate in. If you’re striving to enhance baseball performance, this means players can train more rapidly with the load and enjoy greater high-speed strength gains.  This is also critical for coaches who want to increase their team members’ top-end running or throwing speed.  
  • Maintain better balance for safer and more effective training movements. Inconsistent resistance is a recipe for a disaster. Fortunately, VertiMax band technology allows players to maintain stability and balance during exercise and training programs, thus preventing injury while maintaining control and allowing mobility all at once. VertiMax systems allow players to focus on the movement by providing smooth, continual resistance rather than stabilizing themselves against inconsistent resistance. 

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Why Coaches and Trainers Use VertiMax Baseball Training Equipment

When it comes to baseball training, you need a training solution that helps your players develop maximum power during hitting, throwing, and running.  This is especially true as the game evolves and becomes increasingly faster, more demanding, and more difficult. To succeed, the modern baseball player must have the physical power and capability to keep up with the competition.

Fortunately, VertiMax can help. Here are a few of the reasons top trainers and coaches choose VertiMax to train their teams:

  • Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness. Training with resistance on leg, arm, and hip rotation while performing speed and power moves allows you to increase hitting distance, pitching accuracy, and pitching speed. 
  • Improve Speed. Dramatically improve 60-yard dash times and become more competitive at stealing bases and getting to those hard-hit ground and fly balls.
  • Improve Explosive Leg Power. With the VertiMax system, you can improve explosive leg power six times more effectively than plyometrics.
  • Improve Overall Baseball Athleticism. Help your players become more athletic and well-rounded with the VertiMax system. 
  • Equipment Adjustability. Coaches and trainers love the adaptability that VertiMax provides to train the team on the particular range of motion required for each position.  The VertiMax V8 platform provides eight adjustable load resistance bands. The bands make it possible for to train multiple athletes at once or load one or more body parts simultaneously.
  • Mobility for On-the-Go Training. Take your training solutions with you wherever you go with the help of the VertiMax baseball training system. Designed to adapt to a team’s needs and travel schedule, this equipment allows you to take the gym on the road with you. 



Who is Using VertiMax Baseball Training Equipment

Are you looking for a training system used by some of the top baseball teams? VertiMax fits the bill. Right now, many MLB teams use VertiMax performance and training equipment. The globe’s leader in baseball training equipment, VertiMax is the standard for quality in this sport.

Whether you’re coaching baseball players in independent teams, youth leagues, high school teams, collegiate teams, international baseball players, or the pros. VertiMax equipment will enhance performance and let athletes achieve their goals. Ready to learn more about VertiMax baseball training equipment? Contact us today to find your perfect system. 

If you’re looking for best-in-class baseball training equipment, look no further than VertiMax. VertiMax allows teams, players and coaches to enhance baseball performance by increasing batting speed, pitching velocity, pitching accuracy, running speed, and greater agility,

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