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Pro Athletes Share Workouts and Training Tips Using Vertimax

Vertimax is the leading exercise technology company for professional athletes. Period. Used by over 40% of professional teams in the USA (including the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL), the Vertimax has proven its effectiveness time and time again. But don’t take our word for it – take theirs. Professional athletes from around the sporting world have had great things to say about the Vertimax – as well as their favorite workouts and tips for aspiring athletes.

Major League Baseball (MLB) Tips

“I was introduced to VertiMax through the Blue Jays. VertiMax has helped me in all aspects of my game. After a few workouts, I started to notice improvement in both my leg and arm power. This has increased my vertical, which has also helped my defense in the outfield. Meanwhile, the adjustable resistance bands I use during my hitting drills have added power to my swing. I can’t wait to get my own unit!” – Colby Rasmus, Tampa Bay Rays

The Vertimax is a crucial tool for improving strength in the key muscle groups that make all the difference in baseball. Whether you’re trying to improve your batting game or track down deep fly balls in the outfield, Vertimax workouts will take your game to the next level.

Here’s a classic baseball exercise:

    • Baseball Swing Workout With The Raptor
      This drill is simple and easy to set up – just attach resistance bands to each of your wrists, stand several feet in front of the Raptor, and practice your normal swing. Within a few reps, you’ll start to feel the resistance burn. Doing this drill several times a week will build the sort of explosive power that drives balls out of the park.


National Basketball Association (NBA) Tips

“It helps me due to the fact that I get used to weight pulling me down. Then in the game when I run down the court, there’s no more weight. I’m now jumping freely, so of course it’s gonna raise my vertical, help me jump higher, help me jump more explosive. That’s how it’s helped me tremendously.” – Karl Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves

Explosive power is key to basketball success, and training with the Vertimax is key to building explosive power. The following drill is credited with improving vertical jumps all across the NBA.

    •  Quarter Quick Jump Workout
      This is the most effective exercise that can be performed to build explosive leg power, and it demands 100% effort. You should focus on jump mechanics – absorb your downward inertia by bending your knees, swing your arms back, and explode upwards. Complete this workout regularly and you’re guaranteed to see improvement in your vertical.


World Rugby Tips

“It makes you turnover a lot quicker, a lot faster, so if you’re chasing a ball, breaking away, chasing a tackle, your body’s used to running above normal speed. With resistance, it’s pulling you back, so it’s making you work harder.” – Carlin Isles, World Rugby’s Fastest Man

Rugby and football demand intense exertion from athletes – and so does the Vertimax. As Carlin Isles testifies, the tool allows players to practice fighting resistance as well as keeping up with its pull – it builds both strength and speed, the two ingredients of explosive power.

    • Lateral Shuffle to Sprint Drill
      Sports that require both lateral and horizontal acceleration require athletes to retain complete control over their bodies in demanding situations. This drill practices those abilities. To complete, attach the resistance bands to your ankles and shuffle 2 meters laterally and then 2 meters back. When you reach your starting point, explode away from the Vertimax into a full sprint.

Track and Field

“I’m able to be free, use my free form, go into my 3 Pt. Stance, and gain all the resistance of the Vertimax. That way I don’t have to change my body or use an awkward pose to get the resistance I would get in the gym, I can go straight to the Vertimax.” – Justin Gatlin, America’s Fastest Man

Finally, there’s the ‘purest’ sport on land – track. Track athletes must lay it all on the line without resorting to tricks of technique. Vertimax may be the only trick that champions like Gatlin can use to get ahead of the competition.

    • High Speed Start Workout For Track
      The High Speed Start is waist-loaded and forces athletes to retain a proper start form by not allowing the hips to get too far ahead. It also adds resistance to an integral part of every race. Begin in a 3-t. start, drive your arms, and try to maximize foot turnover as you build speed.


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