VertiMax Basketball Training

The VertiMax basketball training system and workout equipment improves vertical jump performance and first step quickness.  If you want to improve your performance on the basketball court, VertiMax patented band technology in VertiMax Raptors and Platforms are the best tools you can use to improve your vertical jump, your on court performance, your first step quickness, and more. VertiMax is trusted and relied on by leading NBA pro teams, collegiate teams, and high school and youth basketball players because VertiMax equipment works. 

Basketball requires specific skills that must be executed while moving at a high speed or while changing directions. Successful basketball players possess high levels of strength, power, and agility while maintaining the endurance needed for long games.

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Why Use The VertiMax Platform For Basketball

The VertiMax platform is the most complete and diverse training tool available today.  A VertiMax platform can radically improve a player’s vertical jump, game speed with or without a ball, and help them develop a level of Explosiveness that will transfer directly to the court.  When a Vertimax platform is a key ingredient in a player’s training, not only can they reach their true potential, but that potential increases significantly. Every skill in the game of basketball improves with a VertiMax platform. 

Why Use The Raptor For Basketball

The VertiMax Raptor is unlike any other piece of athletic training equipment. It is truly in a category by itself.  It is affordable, simple and the most effective product to develop a Basketball player’s speed, change of direction and ball-handling skills. The VertiMax Raptor is also a pivotal piece in helping a player avoid injury because you can load and assist an athlete in every conceivable direction; on and off the court and with virtually any drill. In the game of Basketball, force and pressure come from lateral directions. It is always another player pushing, pressing or causing another player to cut, stop and change direction.  The Raptor is incredible at replicating real game forces in a player’s training and development. This style of training transfers over to the game of Basketball better than anything else available on the market today.


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Why Use VertiMax For Basketball Training In The Off-Season

Using a VertiMax Platform or VertiMax Raptor gives coaches and trainers the best chance to make the most significant gains in an. athletes jumping ability, speed, quickness and explosiveness.  Basically, the most important attributes that need to be worked on during the offseason, are ALL paramount in training with the VertiMax products.

Another reason that off-season training on VertiMax equipment is so critical, is that Basketball is a long and grueling season. The body is about to go through so much volume in regards to running and jumping on a very hard court surface.  By training on the VertiMax Platform and Raptor, trainers can reduce a lot of the impact, wear and tear on the joints, tendons, ligaments, and the overall body experienced by an athlete. Absorption training without a lot of wear and tear is an enormous advantage while training on VertiMax products. This translates into better Basketball players who will remain healthy, fast, quick and hopefully, injury-free throughout the upcoming season.

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Why Use VertiMax Basketball Training In-Season For Coach And Strength Coach 

When you train with a VertiMax Platform or Raptor during the season, you can help players IMPROVE all season long, but in a way that does not take away from quality practice time or game time abilities. Done properly, VertiMax sports performance equipment will actually turn on the Central Nervous System of a player, activate all movement positions, and make them perform better each and every day.  VertiMax Platform and VertiMax Raptor training in-season can not only help players improve their individual physical attributes, but get them more prepared than ever to play their games! Players CAN and SHOULD improve during the season, not just in the off-season!

Why VertiMax For A Parent Of A Basketball Player

Having a VertiMax Platform or VertiMax Raptor at home is like a guaranteed insurance policy; making sure that a young basketball athlete gets the exact training they need!  Instead of ‘hoping’ that a team or coaching staff utilizes the VertiMax properly at school or the weight room, by having one of these in the home you remove any guesswork.  

If you have a VertiMax Platform and/or Raptor in your home, we can address any aspect that is needed!  VertiMax technology is a complete game-changer.  

Does your child need to jump higher?  Does your child need to be quicker? More explosive? Stronger? VertiMax Raptors and Platforms can help young athletes achieve their performance goals!  The VertiMax app has workouts for any and all of the attributes any player needs.  There are also workouts using other pieces of workout equipment in tandem with Vertimax Platform and Raptor equipment. There are workouts to do on game days, off days, in-season and off-season.  Leave nothing to chance and make sure your child gets every advantage possible by having a VertiMax Platform and/or Raptor in your home.

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Why Vertimax To Rehab A Basketball Player?

The essence of Rehab is to restore an athlete back to where they were before an injury and if possible, make them even better than before.  The band technology on a VertiMax Platform or Raptor actually provides a level of support that makes restorative training and rehab exercise safer and more effective.  Using bands to support Jumping, Running and all movement is absolutely critical in any return to play protocol and there is no better product than Vertimax athletic equipment to accomplish this.  Every Physical Therapist and Sports Performance trainer should own a VertiMax Platform and or a Raptor for this purpose….period!

Why VertiMax Platform Or Raptor For The Guard Position?

A guard in basketball has many responsibilities and every one of them is improved by being quicker, stopping faster and changing direction on a dime. The Vertimax Platform and Raptor will help a guard develop blistering speed and stopping the ability to beat any opponent they face. The Vertimax will help them to hit open spaces, get higher on every shot, and increase lateral movement, which is one of the most under-taught skills in basketball.  Lateral movement is never given enough attention in Basketball, as most coaches emphasize jump training and straight-ahead speed. The ability to play defense and guard a team’s fastest players will always come down to how well a player moves laterally.  There is no training product on earth that can help with guard positional play and lateral movement like a Vertimax Raptor. 

Why VertiMax Platform Or Raptor For The Post Position?

A post player is constantly being bumped, pushed, moved and off-balance. Almost every rebound, shot and pick will result in extreme force from all different angles and require that post player to be strong, stable and powerful.  A VertiMax Raptor or Platform allows us to do ANY Basketball drill for post players, but now add forces pulling, pushing and even grabbing that player. Training each and every movement that a post player will ever make in a game while using a VertiMax Raptor, will redefine how that player plays their post position.


Why VertiMax Platform Or Raptor For Defense Drills?  

The VertiMax platform and Raptor allow us to train real game movements, speed, balance, and quickness.  This is what Defense is all about; how fast we can counter and beat a player to space. Nothing helps us execute each and every Defensive movement like loading or assisting with the bands in a VertiMax product.  Lateral movement, quick steps, taking a charge, reacting and countering will all be greatly improved by training with a VertiMax.

Why VertiMax Platform Or Raptor For Offense Drills?

Any offensive movement, plan or skill will get instantly better with more speed.  How quick can you be, how deceptive, how aggressive and plain old fast! Your footwork has to be precise and with blistering speed…this is where the VertiMax technology excels.  Setting up the defensive player and beating that player for your desired shot, pass or play is what makes great offense; and nothing will improve these things like training with a Vertimax!

Top 3 Accessories To Use For Basketball Specific Training On The VertiMax?

The waist belt is by far the most important accessory.  Whether it is the platform belt for all our Jumping or the 360 belts for all off-platform and Raptor training, the waist belts will be used 90% of the time.  The hand straps are the next accessory we use very often. Arm speed is almost never taught but with the hand straps and Vertimax technology we can train arm movement and speed like never before. Just lifting weights or doing pushups will not develop faster, quicker arms, so using the Vertimax hand straps will improve this for a player like never before. The ankle straps are also critical in developing faster feet, more balanced and healthier hips and hamstrings!

How Can The VertiMax App And Basketball Programming Benefit You As A Trainer/Coach/Parent?

The VertiMax app is one of the most valuable tools for any Trainer, Coach, Parent or Player.  Now you know exactly what to do! No more guessing and hoping. No more trolling on Social Media to find a workout or some good exercise. With the VertiMax app, you can now design and follow a workout system that will get you the exact results you want; Speed, Vertical Jump improvement, Quickness, Change of Direction mastery, Explosiveness in every conceivable direction, and an overall stronger, more balanced and healthier Basketball player.

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