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The Number One Continuing Education Event EVERY Coach Needs To Attend

For the last week I was out in Los Angeles visiting with some of our VertiMax..

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Interns

Internships are the norm in our world. Whether it be in the private sector or..

Top 5 High School Sports Performance Trends

I get to speak to high school coaches and administrators daily that have a true..

The War For Talent In High School Athletics

I went to a private catholic prep school in high school. In my estimation, 80%..

Get the Funds to Revamp Your Weight Room in 3 Simple Steps

If you're having trouble convincing your Athletic Director, your school board..

Field of Dreams Was a Movie

“If you build it, they might not come.” I actually think that's one of the most..

A Case for Education Reform

An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest - Benjamin Franklin

Wanna Become a World Famous Chef?

This past weekend I took my wife to one of those date night cooking classes...

The VertiMax Technology Is The Secret To Improved Results

There seems to be a bit of a misconception going around the industry right now.