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Basketball Training Equipment - Enhance Your Performance With VertiMax

Basketball requires specific skills that must be executed while moving at a high speed or while changing directions. Athletes need the right basketball training equipment to become successful basketball players by improving strength, power, and agility while maintaining the endurance needed for long games. 


In 1891, a physical education instructor at Springfield College invented an indoor game to keep athletes in shape during the harsh winters. His name was James Naismith, and he unknowingly created the fastest growing sport today; basketball. What started off as little more than “busy work” for his athletes, basketball is now played by an estimated 450 million people worldwide. This increased popularity has created elite leagues that have pushed the need for optimal performance.

To play competitively, a basketball player must understand the physiological demands placed on them during play AS WELL as how to improve them. Over the years, numerous studies have been done on the performance needs of a basketball player needs to be successful. There are various skill sets a basketball player must improve to bring their game to the next level.

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Skills Basketball Players Require

  • Explosive strength in the lower body
  • Rate of force development in the lower body
  • Strength in the arms and shoulders
  • Speed & acceleration with and without the ball
  • Agility with and without the ball

In this article, you’re going to learn about the two best pieces of basketball training equipment for basketball training drills that were explicitly designed to improve these sports performance variables - The VertiMax V8 Platform and VertiMax Raptor. Both were developed with the same principles of using resistance cords to provide a consistent load to an athlete while allowing them to move with a full range of movements. 

VertiMax Basketball Training Equipment

VertiMax V8 Platform

The VertiMax V8 and v8 EX platforms are the most complete and diverse training tool available today. A VertiMax platform can radically improve a player’s vertical jump, speed, and agility with or without a ball and help them develop a level of explosiveness that will transfer directly to the court. When the VertiMax Platform is a key ingredient in a player’s training, not only can they reach their true potential, their potential can actually increase. This is because every basketball skill improves with the VertiMax platform to levels once thought unattainable. 

Using the VertiMax platform in a strength and conditioning program for basketball will improve the most essential variables for heightened basketball performance, such as vertical jump performance. Multiple studies have shown that resisted jumps are one of the most effective ways to improve this ability and this is exactly why the VertiMax Platform was designed. Still, this is just one way you can improve performance using the VertiMax Platform.

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Basketball Player Improvements With Regular Use Of The VertiMax V8 Platform 

  • Increasing their vertical jump
  • Increasing explosive power in the lower body
  • Increase rate of force development by improving the neuromuscular systems
  • Improving agility and change of direction skills
  • Increasing coordination and agility with ball control

Up to 5 athletes can even use the VertiMax Platform at a time, making it the perfect piece of training equipment for group training!

VertiMax Raptor

The VertiMax Raptor is unlike any other piece of athletic training equipment. It is truly in a category by itself. The VertiMax Raptor enhances performance in the horizontal plane and lateral directional movements, and the equipment is completely mobile to use inside on the court, in a gym or outside on a field.

Lateral movement, acceleration, and change of direction are three crucial components to elite basketball play. By using the VertiMax Raptor, a basketball player will excel in all of them. VertiMax Raptor models allow 20-45 yards of smooth resistance for training in the horizontal plane.  

The VertiMax Raptor Increases Performance On The Horizontal Plane 

  • Resisted and assisted sprinting to improve acceleration
  • Improve breaking skills and change of direction
  • Attach to the waist to mimic pushing and pulling while performing ball drills
  • Providing a consistent load to agility drills (ladders, cones) to increase neuromuscular control
  • Attached to arms to increase power and stability

It’s affordable, simple, and the most effective product to develop a basketball player’s speed, change of direction, and ball-handling skills. 

What Makes VertiMax The Best Basketball Training Equipment?

What makes these VertiMax products even more unique and effective for basketball training is the resistance cords which attach to the limbs of the body. Doing so allows players to perform every single exercise with free use of their hands. This means that whether they’re jumping, skipping, or sprinting; athletes can easily add dribbling, shooting, passing and any other ball skill to the drill. Try doing that with a barbell!

It’s not an accident that VertiMax is the most effective basketball training equipment on the market. While other pieces of equipment may improve human performance, VertiMax was specifically designed for it! VertiMax has no other purpose than to make a stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete!

And remember, because VertiMax allows you to perform sport-specific movements, these improvements will transfer directly to improved gameplay! There’s nothing else like it on the market!

Better yet, scientific studies have shown that VertiMax can increase the performance of basketball players in both the off-season AND in-season! This makes VertiMax the perfect piece of basketball training equipment for year-round training!

For more information on how VertiMax can bring your basketball training skills to the next level, check out our dedicated VertiMax Basketball Page. If you want more ideas on how to use VertiMax, check out the VertiMax Basketball Instagram page and see it in action!

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