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VertiMax Certification Fuels Elite Sports Performance Coach To Pros

Elite sports performance coach's pursuit of excellence when training elite and professional athletes is why they chose to use VertiMax equipment. One figure standing at the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape is Kerry Bennett, the Owner & CEO of Bennetts Elite Athletic Sports Training (BEAST) in Texas.


Kerry has an impressive 17-year journey that includes playing in the NFL and venturing into innovative territories. Becoming a certified VertiMax Master Trainer has allowed Bennett to redefine the game. 

Let’s dive into the motivations behind elite coaches like Kerry Bennett choosing VertiMax certification and the profound impact it has on professional football training.



Kerry Bennett's Journey From NFL to Sports Performance Coach

Kerry Bennett's transition from an NFL player to a sports performance coach is a testament to his unwavering passion for the game. Armed with a degree in kinesiology, he seamlessly moved from playing for the Washington Redskins to reshaping sports performance training in Texas. A trailblazer in his own right, Bennett introduced the Beast Bus, a mobile sports performance facility equipped with cutting-edge gear, including the revolutionary VertiMax.


2 Pro Football Players Benefiting From Kerry's VertiMax Master Training

1. Mike Evans, NFL Star Receiver, Uses VertiMax

Mike Evans, NFL star receiver with the Tampa Bay Bucs trains with Kerry Bennett using VertiMax especially in the off-season in Texas. The following video shows Kerry Bennett working with Mike Evans using the VertiMax Raptor in his backyard. 

Kerry said, "Mike is kind of like watching a Floyd Mayweather fight. He's just going to do what he has to do. It may not look that spectacular. But God dang it, he's been arguably one of the top five - if not one of the best - receivers in the past 10 years."

Kerry continues, “"He's a sleeper. He doesn't draw a lot of attention to himself with excessive celebrations or anything like that. He goes out, gets the job done, and makes it look easy, Mike’s streak of nine consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons to start a career is now three longer than the next best run in NFL history, and it’s also tied for the second-longest run at any point in a player’s career. Mike Evans continues to go where no other NFL wide receiver has gone before.”

David Beaty was Mike’s wide receiver coach while he was at Texas A&M. Beaty explains how Mike is reliably explosive and consistent year after year. Beaty said, “He (Mike) has a playing weight of 220 pounds that Evans diligently maintains, reducing wear and tear on his legs and minimizing his injury risk. The resistance training he does with Kerry Bennett in the Houston suburb of Katy - where Evans has a turf field in his backyard - keeps him mobile and durable.” (Source: The Score)



Here's another video of Mike Evans practicing with the VertiMax Raptor in his backyard.  


2. Reggie Beggleton, CFL and NFL Wide Receiver Uses VertiMax

Reggie Begelton is currently a wide receiver for the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders. He has also played for the Green Bay Packers as a former NFL player. Reggie is also a dedicated VertiMax athlete under Kerry's guidance for seven years. Not only does Reggie attest to the transformative impact of VertiMax on his game,  he became a VertiMax certified trainer himself.

Reggie said, “I credit VertiMax for elevating my performance to new heights.” He emphasizes the pivotal role VertiMax and Kerry Bennet had in pursuing and achieving his athletic dreams in the CFL and NFL.



The VertiMax Correlation To Improving Sports Performance

VertiMax's versatility is a major draw for elite sports performance coaches like Kerry Bennett. You can seamlessly integrate VertiMax into various aspects of football training, including combine and track training,. This versatility is crucial for coaches looking to enhance their athletes' overall performance on the field.

Athlete testimonials, exemplified by Mike Evans and Reggie Beggleton, underscore the correlation between VertiMax training and on-field performance. Whether it's the explosiveness needed for navigating through a football hole or the speed required for track events, VertiMax proves to be a versatile tool for coaches aiming to enhance different facets of an athlete's skill set.

Kerry Bennett's unconventional approach to sports performance training, exemplified by the Beast Bus, aligns seamlessly with the revolutionary impact of VertiMax. By bringing high-end equipment directly to athletes and teams, Bennett is changing the game, making advanced training methods more accessible and effective.

Check out this video where Coach Kerry shows how to increase Vertical Jump and Explosiveness.

@vertimax Master Trainer Kerry Bennett shares his favorite vertical jump drill using the #VertiMax V8 Platform & Core Vest, allowing the athletes to progress multiple attachment points during jump squat drills. Coach Bennet emphasizes the importance of targeting the core to improve explosiveness: 💪 Resistance in squat jumps intensifies core muscle activation for power transfer. ⚡ Plyometric squat jumps with resistance maximize muscle force in minimal time. 🚀 Mimicking jump motions with resistance boosts vertical jump strength and height. 🧠 Resistance enhances neuromuscular efficiency in plyometric exercises. 🔗 Core resistance in squat jumps optimizes the body's kinetic chain for explosive jumps. 🛡️ A resistance-trained core supports the spine and minimizes injury risks during jumps. Want to train like a pro? Visit our site in the bio! #jumphigher #verticaljumptraining #basketballtraining #footballtraining #volleyballtraining #sportsperformance #athleticdevelopment #verticaljump ♬ Living in a Haze (Instrumental) - Milky Chance

VertiMax Certification Focuses On Safety and Explosiveness 

One of the primary reasons elite coaches opt for VertiMax certification is its unwavering focus on safety and explosiveness as you train in the same movement the game is played. VertiMax allows athletes to engage in explosive movements with resistance, ensuring these movements are executed safely. In a sport like football, where bursts of speed and power are paramount, this feature becomes a game-changer.

The journey of elite sports performance coaches like Kerry Bennett, coupled with success stories like Mike Evans and Reggie Beggleton, illuminates the significance of VertiMax certification in pro football training. The emphasis on safety, explosiveness, and versatility makes VertiMax an indispensable tool for coaches aiming to propel their athletes to new heights.

The Future of Sports Performance: Innovations With VertiMax

As the sports performance landscape continues to evolve, innovative tools like VertiMax take center stage. Kerry Bennett's commitment to staying at the top of his game, evident in his certification journey, reflects the broader trend of coaches adopting cutting-edge techniques for unparalleled results.

Kerry Bennett's sports performance coaching journey and transformative impact with pro athletes is evident in the pro football athlete testimonials,  His VertiMax certification underscores its pivotal role in elite sports performance coaching. As the demand for excellence continues to soar, VertiMax stands as a beacon of innovation, ensuring athletes perform consistently while remaining at the pinnacle of their game.

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