Volleyball Training Equipment

Volleyball Training Equipment

Exercises To Improve Jumping And Defensive Speed

For Sports Fitness At All Ages - There's No Better Choice Than VertiMax for Volleyball Training

If you're looking for volleyball drills to radically increase any volleyball player's explosive leg power to improve leaping ability and defensive speed and flat out generate dominate hitters and blockers, the VertiMax volleyball training equipment is the key to make that happen. Male or female, at any level, from youth - to professional volleyball players, if you want to engage in volleyball drills that quickly develop more competitive athletes on the court, there's no better choice than VertiMax to elevate a volleyball player above the competition and dominate matches. 

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jim-miret"The VertiMax is a one of a kind equipment providing valuable training elements unique to the sport of volleyball. The ability to load the legs and arms simultaneously while jump training develops superior jumping and speed performance while allowing players to work on blocking & attack mechanics."

Jim Miret, Head Volleyball Coach for Front Range Volleyball Club

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